Monday, June 22, 2009

Temple trip and Father's day

(this photo is my favorite because I didn't even pose the boys at all. I just turned around and they were all sitting like this. Too cute! Picture perfect!)

Two updates in one!
It was a busy busy weekend this weekend! We decided to give Billy his father's day present and dinner on Friday, which I'm glad we did because we had some unplanned dinner guests Sunday evening.
So I'll post pictures and updates in chronological order...

Friday - After Billy got home from work I ran out with some of the boys to buy the rest of his gifts and his dinner. It took longer then expected though and we didn't get home until almost 8pm and we still had to make dinner! Owen picked out the dinner and he chose lasagna. I decided to make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert. It was really easy and really really good. :) I think I'll make it more often!
For Father's Day gifts, we first made Billy a t-shirt with everyone's hand print on it. It went well for the first three hand prints but then baby Billy's hand print smeared some and Gabriel's hand print is just a blob. We also ran out of room on the shirt so in this picture below, you can barely see the edge of Gabriel's hand print! haha

Then we got Billy a hat and t-shirt combo that says "World's Best Dad". Also, Brayden picked out a tin of Yu-Gi-Oh cards to give him. That is something the boys like to collect and Brayden thought that daddy might like to collect them too. haha Owen wanted to get Billy a video game and so we got Wolverine (X-Men). I didn't realize it was rated M for mature, so that will be a game that the boys don't get to play with him. Then finally, I got Billy a briefcase/bag to carry around all of his papers and notebooks from church and school. He really needs more organization!

We didn't get to sleep until late on Friday which was hard because we had to get up at 4:30am Saturday morning to leave for Seattle!

Saturday - At 6am we left for Seattle to go on a trip to the Seattle Temple with our church. Mostly the boys slept during the trip - it was just too early in the morning! haha At the Temple I took pictures for some of the families and got plenty of my own pictures too. After the kids activity at the Temple, we all went to a nearby park for crafts and a picnic. I'm surprised that everything was so organized and went smoothly. (good job Sarah and the rest of the primary leaders!) There were lots of little kids - about 30 - and yet the teachers still managed to get them all rotated between stations and make a picture frame for their family photo, color a picture, and stay active all in one area so that we didn't lose anyone. The kids had a great time and learned a lot about Temples too. It was my very first time at a Temple as well. I didn't get to go inside because I was helping with the kids outside, but I learned some interesting facts from the tour of the Temple grounds with the kids.

The Seattle Temple:

The fountain at the Temple:

Brayden checking out one of the bronze statues. I couldn't zoom out anymore because I didn't want to get other kids that weren't mine in the photo.I knew I'd be posting these pictures on my blog!

Brayden wanted to pose in the forest on the trail to the playground:
Baby Billy posing for me, at the park/playground:
Baby Billy leaning against his brothers, at the park:

On the way back from Seattle, Billy and I decided to make some detours and have a little fun. We first stopped at the Reptile Zoo in Goldbar. The boys lucked out big time because it was feeding time when we got there. They got to watch the alligators, snapping turtles, and snakes being fed their dinner. You'd think turtles weren't very smart but those turtles saw the lady with the food cart coming and they went crazy in their tanks. They saw her and KNEW that meant dinner time. haha Even the big alligator starting thrashing around in his big tank when he saw her coming. That was a little disturbing. haha I should have brought my camera in, and I don't know WHY I didn't. grrrrr Before we left, Alex got a picture taken of him holding a Bearded Dragon - probably his most favorite lizard. He keeps asking for one but he already has two geckos and daddy said NO MORE ANIMALS - fur, fin, or scales.

Later, we stopped at Deception Falls. The spring runoff had caused the falls to be ROARING. Owen was a bit scared but still thought it was pretty cool. I got some good pictures there too. It was FREEZING though since I was used to warm weather where we live and didn't pack any jackets for anyone. Thankfully the boys thought ahead and did have sweaters. But I was just in a short sleeve shirt and a thin skirt. brrrrrrrrrr

Alex and Brayden by the water at the falls:

Daddy and Owen:

Alex walking back on the bridge:

Alex by the waterfalls:

Deception Falls:

So that was our weekend! One, busy and very full day. Billy had a great Father's Day weekend, I hope!


Christine said...

Awesome photos! Your family is beautiful! Love the t-shirt for Father's Day!

Beckstead Family said...

Cute cute, We were so rushed on Saturday I didn't get any pics at all!! I was so bummed!! You got some great pics!! It was nice to see you Saturday...and Sunday. :O)


even though you didn't get to go inside, how awesome is that that you were all on the temple grounds together!? great photos. and i may steal your handprint tshirt idea:)

Terresa said...

Beautiful pictures. what a family! WHat treasures.