Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Year 2012-2013 Is Upon Us!

We are still trying to get a routine going. We are still battling with cranky boys who want to sleep in and not do homework after school.
However I have faith we'll get back to our school time routine within no time!

This year is Billy Jr's first year of school. Kindergarten!! He did the testing well, meeting the teacher, and was so excited. He has three friends he knows already in his class.
However then it came time to actually GO to class, alone, without mom. I'm sure kindergarten teachers are used to that kind of thing. His teacher told me that some children come to her "straight from the womb"...i.e. no other experiences with outside life away from mom or home. Billy Jr wasn't quite that bad, but he is my first child who hasn't gone to day care. I did a mom's co-op preschool last year for him, and he did well with that. However that was in people's homes...not a big scary building with tons of people and kids around.
The teacher was a pro though, and just quickly grabbed his hand before he could even turn around and run away!  I heard later he was crying by the door :( However a few minutes later he was okay. I'm anxious to hear how his day went. I try not to think too much about him crying for me. :( Breaks a momma's heart!

Then it was time to drop Gabe off at preschool. He was SO excited. He's been talking about this day for months. Finally it was HIS TURN!!! He jumped out of the car with no prompting and just sat down with his backpack behind the line to wait for the rest of the kids. Mr. Social he is! I KNOW he'll have a great day!

I'm hoping for a great year. Lots of fun. No trouble. :)

Now..my annual back to school photos. Not such good luck but they really show the boys' personality. I'll post them all - flaws and everything. :)

The Funny Face pose

The Evil Scowl pose

The This Is Boring pose
My new blog cover...The Lets Not Look At Mom pose

Love Abby's Face in this one!! Too bad the dog snuck in.

And Finally, the best one of the batch...even the dog posed! (Too bad OWEN had to wipe his nose!!!)