Friday, August 28, 2009

Fair Fun

Friday was free kids day at a local fair. In my mind I'm thinking...$8 for me, free for the kids, a small amount of gas to get there - good deal! However of course I had to get the boys some of the famous pronto pups (big hand dipped corndogs) and huckleberry lemonade. Still...about $14-ish dollars later that's not THAT bad of a deal!

The boys had fun and that's all that mattered. :)

I think the biggest hit was the free petting zoo with all the baby animals - pigs, cows, chicks, rabbits, puppies and kitties. :)

Okay I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Alex had fun playing with the older chicks. They would all chase his finger from side to side.

Owen loved the bunnies:

A couple of the baby pigs to pet:

The big momma pig and her new "litter" (what do you call a bunch of baby pigs?) of piggies:

Sweet sleeping babies:

Baby chick up close:

Calf sleeping - is that a heart shaped spot on his head?

Mr. Tom Turkey

Owen was petting the pigs wet noses:

This pig LOVED being scratched behind his/her ear:

The boys all petting a friendly sheep:

This dog looked SO bored with her "fame" haha And then she barked after I took this picture!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update part two

I had technical difficulties last night with some of Gabriel's photos - but here they are now! Be sure to scroll down and read yesterday's update. :)

These are Gabriel at 7 months making silly faces!

A month of updates and pictures

Its been so long since I last updated! I'm trying to remember what all has been going on, a lot obviously! I just have too much to type that I've been avoiding coming here because it required downloading pictures, resizing pictures, uploading pictures and so on...haha

Okay let's see...well first of all was our biggest news and biggest thing we did in the last month...we went to the Spokane temple to be sealed as a family. It was wonderful and I'm so happy we had so many friends come with us. The boys did great and just as told. Alex was even moved by it all and said he was "so excited" and "felt like crying" (in a good way!). I've been having a hard time really explaining or talking about it much, and I think I finally know why. Someone at church (forget who now!) summed it up when they said that it's just hard to put into words. And that's true, its just hard to put into words. I can say it was great, wonderful, special...but those just sound empty to me. Just words that I've repeated over and over because I don't know how else to describe it. But we are excited (using Alex's words now!) and can't wait to go again soon, this time just without the kids all having to be there. haha
I don't have any pictures unfortunately. I left my camera at home because I knew there would be many other cameras. LOL So far I've seen a neat photo on Jenn West's blog of our car pulling away from the temple with the temple in the background and our lovely surprise window paint saying "Just Married (Forever)" on the back of our car. West's blog post: Time and All Eternity
Some other friends had decided to surprise us by painting all over our car windows. haha Somebody also got pictures of all of that but I haven't seen it yet either.
We had another good friend take some semi-pro photos of us posing with and without the kids outside of the temple and in the gardens. I'm excited to see those photos as well. I will post them when I get them!

So that was our highlight for the month. After we got back from Spokane that day, we promised the boys that if they were good we'd take them to the little traveling carnival just down the street. And so we did, even though we were so tired. Billy got some good photos of me riding with the boys. Those little traveling carnivals scare the heck out of me I tell ya! I can handle big rides, but the whole time I'm on these little rides I'm thinking about horror stories I've heard or wondering have safe and well put together this ride is. aaack! We made it through though. ;)

The rest of the pictures are just of Gabriel, who is SEVEN months old now!! He makes the cutest faces when he's either grinding his teeth together (uggh) or blowing bubbles. He's eating some food now but mostly just likes chewing on his teether biscuits or his little mesh safe food feeder.

Updates for the other boys - just starting soccer practice and games will start soon. School starts in one week so I'll first day of school photos for that soon. YAY! I can't WAIT. But I also am not looking forward to the once again early more sleeping in. haha These boys have actually be sleeping in all summer, even the babies, and so we all get up around 8am. NOT after school starts. yawwwn

I guess that's it for now. Our life seems like it's constant coming and going and scheduling and doing something every I can't really remember if anything else is newsworthy to update on!

Enjoy the photos!

At the haunted house:

Trying to make these little rides fun:

Owen and Billy Jr playing the expensive fishing game, uggh:

Owen caught a "fish"!

Billy Jr did too!

But he will NOT touch it!

Gabriel in his cute hat at the carnival:

Gabriel first time with his little mesh safe food feeder:

Yumm not so bad! Frozen strawberries!

The aftermath of frozen strawberries:

And first taste of baby food, which he HATES:

And sorry these are so fuzzy, but this is another photo of the closest I could find to showing all six of his teeth!

Ooops!! Having technical difficulties for the rest of the Gabriel funny faces photos, but I'll post them when I have my program up and running again. For now here's the only one I got saved:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little swimmer

We had a fun night last swimming with friends. (Thanks Joy for inviting us!) It was also the first time I tried to put Gabriel in the water. He's splashed at the river's/lake's edge before but didn't spend a lot of time actually all the way in the water floating.
So last night I took him in the pool with me and it was so cute! I kept calling him a little dolphin because he just kept kick kick kicking his legs under water. I don't know if it was a natural instinct to try to swim in in water, or if he just liked the sensation on his legs. He wasn't trying to splash the water with his legs, but rather he looked like a frog trying to swim. I think if I would have let go of him he would have just swam around! haha
I may have to start taking him to the YMCA pool with me too!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A short little Brayden funny

Just a quickie for the day...
(posted on my Facebook too)

After swim lessons, we are walking out and Brayden looks at me seriously and sadly and says, "Mom, I'm not a swimmer...I'm a sinker".

I couldn't help but laugh, the poor little thing!

I just told him that's what swimming lessons were for and everyone sinks a little when they first learn to swim.