Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess who's 7!!

Owen is!

Our last kid birthday of the year (yes we get them all done and out of the way by early spring haha!)!

Owen is very happy to finally have his birthday. It's hard for him to have to wait through all FOUR of his brothers' birthdays and not get his special day yet.

So he's been planning it for awhile.

He wants a basketball cake with Michael Jordan dunking a basket on it. :?
I think I'll get pretty close to that...Ebay has cool basketball figure cake toppers. ;)

For his present he wants the Dairy Queen Blizzard maker that he's been eyeing for a long time. Uggh.

For his special dinner....he's still thinking about it.

So on to the celebration of Owen. :)

Owen is our April Fools' day baby. He was due on April Fools' day too. However I can't claim an actual "born on the due date" baby because he was induced by my doctor. ;) There really wasn't a medical reason and who knows if I would have really gone into labor on my own that day, but I'm thinking I might have. I was dilated pretty far, about 4 cm. and having nightly contractions from about 37 weeks on. I was worried about getting to the hospital in time after finding babysitters for the kids, etc etc. So my OB offered to break my water to get things moving. I jumped at the chance of course. When I checked in though, I was already contracting on my own according to the maybe my body was already in beginning labor?

Anyway, everything went perfect. He was my first epidural baby and it really was a dream labor/birth. He was great after birth, 9's on his APGARS. He was beautiful. :)

It wasn't until after they took him to the nursery that we found out there was a problem. He was born with a semi-rare condition of not having an anal opening.

Needless to say, when my husband told me this, on April Fools day remember, I told him that it was  NOT a funny joke.
They took Owen via ambulance to Seattle Children's a couple hours after he was born. I had Billy go with him because I wanted to go home and pack our stuff. My parents drove me to Seattle a couple hours after.
He was only there for about three days. The surgery they did on day two went great and he had no other complications or defects that could have also accompanied this type of defect.
We were so greatful!

Now poor Owen just has an embrassing story that he'll really hate me for telling everyone about one day. lol for seven fun facts about Owen.

1. He's the biggest clown I know! ;) He always says its because he was born on April Fools day.
2. He is obsessed with the name Isaac. I don't know why? But if he could rename himself, he would, to Isaac.
3. He is my most sensitive child by far.
4. He's a great little artist.
5. He's not a morning person, and is always the last one out of the house, usually missing a shoe or two. grrr
6. He so looks up to his older brothers and is always trying to grow up too fast! :(
7. He LOVES video games. I have to reign in his video game playing quite a bit.

Now...the last 7 yrs of Owen :)

Newborn...finally coming home from the hospital! Poor little guy has straches and sores on his face from the suction tubing he had on for three days (to keep his tummy empty).

First birthday!!

Second birthday with his Auntie

Proud to be Three! :)

His fourth birthday we spent at the Portland Zoo. :)

With Auntie again, for number 5!

Silly Owen is happy to be six. :)

Finally seven! Happy Birthday Owen!