Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One in the oven

So its official! Baby #6 will be here around the first or second week of February. Hopefully not the third week of February, because I already have three of my boys' birthdays that week! BUT if this one is anything like his brothers then it probably will be!

We told the boys almost right away. Its hard to keep secrets in this house anyway. ;) Very few people knew because of our previous loss before this pregnancy (and two before Gabe and Billy Jr's pregnancies as well).  But we were waiting until my first appointment and ultrasound to share with the world. ;)

So all is well and baby appears to be growing healthy and strong. I still worry, always, so continue to keep baby in your prayers for an uneventful remaining 7 months please!

What's the guesses on boy or girl? Sixth boy? Or finally a little girl to finish off the family? :) Regardless, I don't know how many more children we'll have, as Billy wants this to be our last. An even number is a nice number to stop with. :)

As with Gabe's pregnancy, I'll keep a pregnancy blog so that if you want to read about all the details you can. I'll be making that blog public here soon.

Thanks all and until next time....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer fun picture overload!

Its been awhile since I updated! We've been busy this summer so far.  Its been a fun summer!

So here is my update, in pictures....

First we had the end of school year picnic for the boys' homeschool "school". Here is Gabe pretending to sleep on the playground.

There was a watermelon eating contest too. Here is Owen with his best bud.

Alex got to set off his rocket he made during rocket class as well.


Lift off!

But I actually missed Alex's launch so here is another kid's rocket launch. Pretty cool!

Next we went camping! Fun times!

Gabe giving grandma a flower. :)

Gabe standing on the same rock his grandma got a picture of his daddy doing at two also.

The roaring creek!

Not Alex's catch, but he was still proud of it!

No more pictures please!!

A pan full of creek fish and blue gill.

The big fish daddy caught with two little creek fish.

Gabe LOVED the spicy Dorrito chips with Tapatio! Crazy kid. lol

As we were leaving, I caught this great photo of a momma deer and her baby.

Next we had some fun in Cashmere at their annual ping pong ball drop. You catch these ping pong balls from the sky and win prizes. fun fun!

Billy Jr. waiting for the helicopter with his basket on his head!

Nana's idea to catch more ping pong balls!

Here they come!

And more!

Finally we spent a fun afternoon playing in the water this week.