Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Madness

Summer time is crazy...trying to keep up with these boys exhausts me!

The key to keeping the kiddos out of trouble is keeping them BUSY.  I've been trying to run them around like crazy, but I'm running out of ideas (and energy!)
So far there has been taking turns at Grandmas' houses a week at a time. That has probably been the most fun for them. Nothing compares to Grandmas' spoiling! ;) Also, I've been taking them to the "beach" a few times. However, the kids were pretty disappointed in our local river beach that is all pebbly. So instead they played in the volleyball sand pit.
Also our local bowling alley is part of the free kids bowling in the summer! We have been doing a game of bowling at least once a week. Its fun...but Gabe (4 years old) doesn't have quite enough patience for a whole game of bowling. There is a lot of waiting for turns with all those siblings!
Next has been a few of the local parks, but those get boring as well. Its tough with Abby since she's so little and can't run and play like the others. Usually it ends up me holding Abby in the hot sun and hoping the time goes faster...
I think our next adventure for the week will be geocaching! That sounds like a lot of fun, and right up the boys' alley. I will update on those adventures soon.
Oh! And we had a zoo trip, but I haven't downloaded those pictures yet. It was fun, and we only lost Billy Jr twice. ;)

In other news, Abby is walking! All the time she walks, rarely does she crawl. She still is working on her talking but I know she'll get there in her own time.

As for the adults - we are busy with kids, work, and school. I have signed up for my classes in the fall. I'm super excited to be attending Central WA University and getting my bachelor's degree in two years. YAY! I will be pursuing the social sciences area, perhaps focusing more on psychology.

Okay - a few pix to entertain you until  next time! :)

Alex when staying the week with his Auntie :)

How the boys entertain themselves if I don't find ways to keep them busy...

Fun kids fishing day! We got three huge 8+ lb Rainbow Trout. Yummy!

And a recent picture of cutie Abby, always the little princess :)