Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bye bye easy bedtime....

Baby Billy has always been my easiest child to lay down for naps, bedtime. I would lay him down and he'd play quietly in his crib until he fell asleep. Easy as pie.

I just bragged last week that baby Billy is still in his crib and hasn't figured out how to climb out. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut...

Tonight marks the first time he's climbed out of his crib. I've laid him down for bed now tonight three times...going on four.

Oh dear. Now what will I do? He can open doors and climb over baby gates. HOW do I get him to go to sleep? wahhhhh

Just what I needed - more stress and hard work. haha

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitty Update

Little Pipsqueak...or for some reason I keep wanting to call him Pixie because he's so small haha...but he is doing great! Pixie just seems to roll off the tongue better, or fit him better.

He's gaining weight and eating great, lots of energy, etc. He still LOVES attention and purrs and purrs as soon as I sit down to hold him or play with him. If I stand up to leave, he chases after me and meows. He just craves attention it seems. He's very affectionate for such a young guy who probably didn't have human contact before now, or if he did - it wasn't much since he was so so skinny and dirty.

This week he will be getting vaccinated from the Kitty Rescue. Then he'll probably have another two weeks still before he can go to a home. If anyone is interested...please email or call me! ;)

Okay now pictures...

To show how small he is - here he is eating out of a standard teacup sized saucer!! NOT a plate, but a teacup saucer!

After eating, licking his chops hehe

This photo shows his pretty spots on his back:

What a sweetheart!

I'm gonna get you!!

And a video if I can get it to work. I don't know why my videos are so dark, I was in a well lit bathroom.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look what we found...

...actually a friend of ours found it just huddled in the driveway this evening. She thought there were two lumps or rocks in the road because they weren't moving but as she got closer she realized they were two very tiny kittens. So of course, we decided to go see if it was okay. This little kitten was on the side of the road now with its assumed litter mate. However the other kitten had hidden in the brush. We picked up this kitten and was shocked at its condition. The poor thing was so dirty, with a goobery face and literally skin and bones. I could feel every rib and bone in its body.

Of course no way could I just leave it alone, obviously the mother either abandoned it, or it had weaned but was a stray and didnt have a home to feed it.

After I got it inside and gave it some watery-mushy cat food - it didn't hesitate to gobble it right up. That was a relief - that it was at least old enough to know what to do with cat food and how to eat it. I'm guessing this little fella is about 4-5 weeks old. He still has blue-gray eyes which should be changed around 6-7 weeks of age supposedly. This kitten fits in the palm of my hand he is so small.

He gobbled up most of the food, mostly lapping up the water in the bottom of the bowl and then I wiped him down with a damp rag. I'm not kidding - that rag was black from dirt after I wiped him down and he still isn't totally clean.

After that it was like he found an appreciation for me, like he knew I was trying to help him. He squeaked at me and then crawled right up into my lap and curled up on my leg. When I tried to put him back in the kittie carrier - he meowed and came back out and back onto my lap. I don't know if he's a stray or someone dropped him off, he seems too friendly to be a feral kitten. (feral - wild/stray)

Upon closer inspection of his goobery face - it looks like his eyes are pretty clear but his nose is skinned up and a little raw in spots. I don't know what causes that? His nose is pretty pink and hairless, like the fur was rubbed right off for some reason. hmm

Anyway, we are NOT looking for any more pets...we already have three cats. So I'm going to call the human society tomorrow to see if they have a foster family to take him in (he's too young for the shelter probably, so they have cat/dog foster families for babies like this). UNLESS anyone else wants to take him on..... For tonight at least he has a warm bed and food in his tummy. I have him quarantined in the bathroom from our other cats and kids so that he can rest safely.

I sure hope his story turns out good and he gets a good home. He seems like he's been through some pretty rough times already in his few short weeks.

Here he is getting some cuddle time. He was purring!

This picture really shows his skinned nose and his blue-gray eyes. Note that some of the debris around his mouth is actually the wet cat food that he made a mess of!

And finally, AFTER his bath - much cleaner and WHITER. I got most of the goobers off his face but one spot was still stuck to his fur a little. In this picture he had crawled back out of his kitty carrier and back onto my lap. He was giving me kisses and trying to curl up on my neck. He loved the warmth I think.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Temple trip and Father's day

(this photo is my favorite because I didn't even pose the boys at all. I just turned around and they were all sitting like this. Too cute! Picture perfect!)

Two updates in one!
It was a busy busy weekend this weekend! We decided to give Billy his father's day present and dinner on Friday, which I'm glad we did because we had some unplanned dinner guests Sunday evening.
So I'll post pictures and updates in chronological order...

Friday - After Billy got home from work I ran out with some of the boys to buy the rest of his gifts and his dinner. It took longer then expected though and we didn't get home until almost 8pm and we still had to make dinner! Owen picked out the dinner and he chose lasagna. I decided to make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert. It was really easy and really really good. :) I think I'll make it more often!
For Father's Day gifts, we first made Billy a t-shirt with everyone's hand print on it. It went well for the first three hand prints but then baby Billy's hand print smeared some and Gabriel's hand print is just a blob. We also ran out of room on the shirt so in this picture below, you can barely see the edge of Gabriel's hand print! haha

Then we got Billy a hat and t-shirt combo that says "World's Best Dad". Also, Brayden picked out a tin of Yu-Gi-Oh cards to give him. That is something the boys like to collect and Brayden thought that daddy might like to collect them too. haha Owen wanted to get Billy a video game and so we got Wolverine (X-Men). I didn't realize it was rated M for mature, so that will be a game that the boys don't get to play with him. Then finally, I got Billy a briefcase/bag to carry around all of his papers and notebooks from church and school. He really needs more organization!

We didn't get to sleep until late on Friday which was hard because we had to get up at 4:30am Saturday morning to leave for Seattle!

Saturday - At 6am we left for Seattle to go on a trip to the Seattle Temple with our church. Mostly the boys slept during the trip - it was just too early in the morning! haha At the Temple I took pictures for some of the families and got plenty of my own pictures too. After the kids activity at the Temple, we all went to a nearby park for crafts and a picnic. I'm surprised that everything was so organized and went smoothly. (good job Sarah and the rest of the primary leaders!) There were lots of little kids - about 30 - and yet the teachers still managed to get them all rotated between stations and make a picture frame for their family photo, color a picture, and stay active all in one area so that we didn't lose anyone. The kids had a great time and learned a lot about Temples too. It was my very first time at a Temple as well. I didn't get to go inside because I was helping with the kids outside, but I learned some interesting facts from the tour of the Temple grounds with the kids.

The Seattle Temple:

The fountain at the Temple:

Brayden checking out one of the bronze statues. I couldn't zoom out anymore because I didn't want to get other kids that weren't mine in the photo.I knew I'd be posting these pictures on my blog!

Brayden wanted to pose in the forest on the trail to the playground:
Baby Billy posing for me, at the park/playground:
Baby Billy leaning against his brothers, at the park:

On the way back from Seattle, Billy and I decided to make some detours and have a little fun. We first stopped at the Reptile Zoo in Goldbar. The boys lucked out big time because it was feeding time when we got there. They got to watch the alligators, snapping turtles, and snakes being fed their dinner. You'd think turtles weren't very smart but those turtles saw the lady with the food cart coming and they went crazy in their tanks. They saw her and KNEW that meant dinner time. haha Even the big alligator starting thrashing around in his big tank when he saw her coming. That was a little disturbing. haha I should have brought my camera in, and I don't know WHY I didn't. grrrrr Before we left, Alex got a picture taken of him holding a Bearded Dragon - probably his most favorite lizard. He keeps asking for one but he already has two geckos and daddy said NO MORE ANIMALS - fur, fin, or scales.

Later, we stopped at Deception Falls. The spring runoff had caused the falls to be ROARING. Owen was a bit scared but still thought it was pretty cool. I got some good pictures there too. It was FREEZING though since I was used to warm weather where we live and didn't pack any jackets for anyone. Thankfully the boys thought ahead and did have sweaters. But I was just in a short sleeve shirt and a thin skirt. brrrrrrrrrr

Alex and Brayden by the water at the falls:

Daddy and Owen:

Alex walking back on the bridge:

Alex by the waterfalls:

Deception Falls:

So that was our weekend! One, busy and very full day. Billy had a great Father's Day weekend, I hope!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ouch! Update and Piano Lessons Progress...

Today Billy Jr (or as I call him, baby Billy) had his follow up appointment with an orthopedics doctor. Generally it seems that this is not the case for most "nursemaid's elbow" however generally the Dr. is able to easily put it back in place, and he wasn't able to in the ER last weekend. Apparently, the x-ray showed a little area of concern as well and so off to the orthopedics we went today!

It was quite the circus with all five boys in the tiny exam room. They did do fairly well, considering. I only had to get after them about 10 times...a record! haha However, in my haste to get everyone out the door in time - I forgot to change my shirt!! Yep, I realized after I left the appointment that I was still wearing my pajama t-shirt. Great. Thankfully its' just a regular t-shirt and no one else noticed but me. That's just the life of a busy mom I guess!

As for Billy's appointment, there was a slight "area of concern" on the bone near his elbow. It could have possibly been a hairline fracture but since Billy is using his arm again now and it seems it is not causing him pain, no cast is needed. The orthopedics Dr. even went and got a second opinion from the orthopedics surgeon while we were there. Thankfully the decision was unanimous. No cast needed. PHEW! Kids heal really fast so he should heal this just fine on his own. However I'll know if things are not healing well if he still is having some pain with that arm in another week.

After the doctor appointment we had to book it across town for piano lessons. We got there with five minutes to spare. wohoo! This time I took the other boys to a nearby school to play while Brayden had his lesson. Brayden's lesson went really well and although this is only his second lesson, he seems to be really taking to it. He LOVES playing the piano and getting up bright and early to practice every morning (we have to tell him to NOT play the piano sometimes when everyone is sleeping...haha). So his piano teacher is giving him some harder things to practice and as long as he's willing and up for it now, then she'll continue to give him harder things to practice each week. I can't wait until he has his first recital! How cool. :)

I wish I could say the day was nearly over, but we still have swimming lessons again today...I should take a nap! haha

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

I wish I had taken my camera to the first day of swimming lessons yesterday, but I didn't want to be one of "those" moms...whatever "those" moms are. haha I was tempted to sneak a few pictures on my cell phone, but I didn't know how the other parents might feel. I don't think I would like a strange adult taking pictures of my kids in their bathing suits. Maybe I'm not "strange" though? Or maybe I am... haha

So I will just have to write about the swimming lessons. *sigh*

Owen's lesson was first. His lesson was for the 3-5 year olds who pretty much had no previous water experience.

It was quite funny watching, and the other parents were all laughing and commenting that we should have this on video for America's Funniest Home Videos. In one of the groups (there were 4-5 kids per instructor) about 4 of the 5 children were crying, screaming the entire time. One started first, then another joined in and then when the instructor started dunking the kids they all started crying one by one. For a moment there ALL the kids were crying. Poor things. It reminded me of the mall at Christmas and the moms trying to shuffle their kids on Santa's lap whether they liked it or not....and usually they didn't like it. haha

Owen's group, however, was pretty calm in comparison and no one cried. At first Owen refused to do anything but sit on the side of the pool. Finally the instructor just made him get in the water with her and blow bubbles, float on his back, practice his arm strokes, etc. After she made him get in the water he was okay with it and enjoyed the rest of the lesson.
I asked him if I could go swimming with him sometime and he said "no way". He said that I would not hold on to him good enough. So he trusts the swim instructor more then me. Great. haha

Brayden and Alex's lesson were next. As I thought, Alex would be goofy about it. haha He was the only kid who kept letting go of the wall and trying to go off and practice swimming on his own. He was probably the oldest or second oldest in the class which was for 6-12 yr olds so that was part of the problem. He had the same skills as the younger kids but he felt he was too old for the class.
Brayden was a bit scared, like I knew he would be. He had a scary incident with water when he was about 4 yrs old and he doesn't like going out into open water where he cant hold on to anything. He wouldn't put his head under water and when the kids were supposed to practice swimming from the rope to the wall...he walked along the wall holding the edge. That's okay though- it was just his first lesson and I know he'll just get better and become more confident as the lessons continue on.

The kids love the pool now though and want to go swimming all the time. I hope to go more as a family, but it's hard with two babies. I can't do it alone with all the kids so Billy will have to come or stay at home with the younger two babies.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ouch! A lesson learned...

Last night we spent part of the evening in the ER. It started with the night before Alex was holding Billy Jr's hand to bring him inside the house when Billy Jr jerked away from him abruptly (he was trying to throw himself on the ground in a full blown fit). That action either caused his elbow to dislocate or a bad sprain.
We watched him the rest of the night, no swelling or bruising, but he still wouldn't use that arm. The next morning it wasn't better and he wouldn't let anyone even touch his arm. Poor little guy! :(
When Billy got off work, we went to a picnic in the park with family (thanks for the dinner Beki and John - it was fun!). It was raining like crazy and thundering and lightening so we spent most of the picnic under shelter - thank goodness for the covered eating area!
Afterward my mom and I decided to take Billy Jr into the ER because he STILL wasn't using his arm and seemed to be in pain, although no swelling or anything abnormal looking about his arm.
By this time, it was after his bedtime so he was SUPER cranky. He wouldn't let any of the nurses or doctors touch him and he kept yelling "STOP!" at the doctor and the x-ray tech. A couple more nurses had to come in and see what all the fuss and screaming was about...that was just the x-ray.
Unfortunately, the easy fix of just popping his elbow back into place didn't work. Fortunately his x-rays were fine though-nothing broken. So most likely he just has a bad sprain and he's supposed to wear a sling the next couple of days while his elbow/arm heals and any internal swelling goes down. If he still is not using his arm by Monday, then it's back to the doctors. :(
Today he seems to be better, using it a tad more but mostly it just hangs in the sling and he refuses to even try to use it. :(

So lesson learned for Alex, and for us, if Billy Jr or any young child is trying to wrench themselves away from you - DON'T hold on to their arm or hand while they throw a fit, just pick them up...kicking and screaming if need be!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brayden's first piano lesson

Brayden was SO excited for this day. He woke up bright and early and got dressed in his finest.

He was absolutely glowing after his first lesson, clutching his new piano lesson books and homework in his arms. His teacher said he did well but he was expecting to learn concert level songs the first day! haha

Here he is practicing his piano for today: (I am having video technical difficulties so here is just a direct link to the video)

What fun! He loves it! And he has surprised me with how much he is learning and retaining already after just one 30 min lesson. :) He can already read music better then me - albeit I can't read any music! haha

Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of school - part 2

So my "surprise" to the boys was having Owen jump out and dump water on them, while I took pictures! haha I though it would be a funny kick off to summer joke. However, I didn't realize that Brayden was NOT in a good mood. He was upset about it being the last day and was a little sad. So after he was splashed-he ran inside and layed on his bed crying. :(
Alex however thought it was funny and even posed for pictures-letting Owen splash him.

Owen just starting to splash Brayden...

After the splash and before he stormed inside the house, slamming the door...

Alex letting Owen splash him...

THEN the other "surprise"...

Notice anything missing?

After all my threatening, I finally followed through and picked up ALL their toys into garbage bags. They can't have them back until they sort through the bags themselves. Their room looked like a tornado had gone through it before I confiscated everything! lol

Other fun pix - from yesterday at the park:

And a video of Alex playing with Gabriel today, haha.

School's Out for Summer!

(Turn up your speakers if you don't have them on - I've got a great theme song playing! hah!)

Today is the last day of school! WOOHOO! In some ways I'm scared, lol, but in other ways I'm excited for summer and for sleeping in!

Check in later today, because I'm going to give the boys a little last day of school surprise. hehe (sinister laugh...)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dancing in the rain

Tonight we had a HUGE downpour. Realizing the great photo-op, I grabbed my camera and sent the boys out into the rain. It was perfect rainstorm weather. Warm, sunny but TONS of rain.
The dog was chasing raindrops even too!

I got lots of great pix - the rainstorm lasted about 15 minutes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gabriel's 4 month Photo

First of all - I posted another, longer, update first. However it is posted below this post, so make sure to scroll down and read the new updates!

I haven't posted new pictures of Gabriel lately, however I thought instead of just posting pictures like normal - I would have a little fun this time.

I'm going to post photos of all the boys, at around the same age as Gabriel now, and you have to guess which one Gabriel is! For me, I can see TONS of difference between the boys - but some people swear they all looked the same as babies. hmmm

You decide! Can you tell which baby is which? One is pretty easy...lol but the others are harder.

Baby 1:

Baby 2:

Baby 3:

Baby 4:

Baby 5:

Guy's Weekend

So this weekend, Friday and Saturday, Billy took Alex to Seattle. They had lots of fun while I stayed at home with the four youngest. It was hard work! haha But we had fun too and played in the kiddie pool aka mud bath, rented some movies for a "slumber party" in my room, and just had fun spending time together.

Here are the pix from Guy's weekend first - Alex took the pictures - that's why there is only a couple pictures, and one of a close-up of fish at Pike's Place Market and the other of Billy playing video games at Gameworks! haha

First though, here is a cool video of the roaring rapids at Deception Falls (or is it Deception Pass? I'm not sure...) The water was way high and moving really fast. Alex was too scared to even go out on the overlook thingy.

And now photos:

Pike's Place fish market:

Billy at Gameworks:

Now here's what me and the other four boys did at home:

Too cute photo of baby Billy talking to Lady. She was shaking his hand, wanting attention (like usual!). haha

Then she gives him some puppy love:

Owen in the mud bath:

Brayden, Owen AND Lady playing in the pool:

Brayden made me bet him to lay down in the mud bath:

Owen not being very nice to baby Billy!

Lady LOVES the water!

Watch out! Wet dog!

Brayden warming up in the sun:

Aww brotherly love!