Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ouch! Update and Piano Lessons Progress...

Today Billy Jr (or as I call him, baby Billy) had his follow up appointment with an orthopedics doctor. Generally it seems that this is not the case for most "nursemaid's elbow" however generally the Dr. is able to easily put it back in place, and he wasn't able to in the ER last weekend. Apparently, the x-ray showed a little area of concern as well and so off to the orthopedics we went today!

It was quite the circus with all five boys in the tiny exam room. They did do fairly well, considering. I only had to get after them about 10 times...a record! haha However, in my haste to get everyone out the door in time - I forgot to change my shirt!! Yep, I realized after I left the appointment that I was still wearing my pajama t-shirt. Great. Thankfully its' just a regular t-shirt and no one else noticed but me. That's just the life of a busy mom I guess!

As for Billy's appointment, there was a slight "area of concern" on the bone near his elbow. It could have possibly been a hairline fracture but since Billy is using his arm again now and it seems it is not causing him pain, no cast is needed. The orthopedics Dr. even went and got a second opinion from the orthopedics surgeon while we were there. Thankfully the decision was unanimous. No cast needed. PHEW! Kids heal really fast so he should heal this just fine on his own. However I'll know if things are not healing well if he still is having some pain with that arm in another week.

After the doctor appointment we had to book it across town for piano lessons. We got there with five minutes to spare. wohoo! This time I took the other boys to a nearby school to play while Brayden had his lesson. Brayden's lesson went really well and although this is only his second lesson, he seems to be really taking to it. He LOVES playing the piano and getting up bright and early to practice every morning (we have to tell him to NOT play the piano sometimes when everyone is sleeping...haha). So his piano teacher is giving him some harder things to practice and as long as he's willing and up for it now, then she'll continue to give him harder things to practice each week. I can't wait until he has his first recital! How cool. :)

I wish I could say the day was nearly over, but we still have swimming lessons again today...I should take a nap! haha

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