Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitty Update

Little Pipsqueak...or for some reason I keep wanting to call him Pixie because he's so small haha...but he is doing great! Pixie just seems to roll off the tongue better, or fit him better.

He's gaining weight and eating great, lots of energy, etc. He still LOVES attention and purrs and purrs as soon as I sit down to hold him or play with him. If I stand up to leave, he chases after me and meows. He just craves attention it seems. He's very affectionate for such a young guy who probably didn't have human contact before now, or if he did - it wasn't much since he was so so skinny and dirty.

This week he will be getting vaccinated from the Kitty Rescue. Then he'll probably have another two weeks still before he can go to a home. If anyone is interested...please email or call me! ;)

Okay now pictures...

To show how small he is - here he is eating out of a standard teacup sized saucer!! NOT a plate, but a teacup saucer!

After eating, licking his chops hehe

This photo shows his pretty spots on his back:

What a sweetheart!

I'm gonna get you!!

And a video if I can get it to work. I don't know why my videos are so dark, I was in a well lit bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

My Mom, has your kittys sister. She found her. That's how I got your link. I'm so happy he has a wonderful momma now! God Bless~