Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hot hot hot! Fires, Feingold, and Fun

Well, fire season 2014 has begun! Several fires have begun within just the last couple weeks. The  morning after the Fourth of July, my husband woke me up at some early AM hour to show me that the hillside across the river from us was on fire. It was quite breathtaking of a view. I attempted a picture, but my camera skills aren't so great that early in the morning.

That fire didn't last very long thankfully, since it did get awfully close to some houses (like in t he back yard of a couple houses up there!).  Currently, the biggest one is just about 15 miles from here and over 20,000 acres, but the good news is that no homes or lives have been lost. Its been pretty close to town though! (See pic below...NOT my pic)

It doesn't help that the weather here has been HOT HOT HOT! We've had a couple triple digit days already, and next week is forecast to be ALL triple digits: 103, 105, and even as high as 110.  Yikes.

We tried to cool off the kids by taking them to the river. You can see how smokey it was in the background. I think the boys had fun though, although they complained the water was too cold. Amazingly, my wild energetic 5 year old was the first to get wet. That child has no fear. Good or bad thing, I don't know yet!

Love how the boys always help watch out for their sister(s).

And lastly, I forgot Feingold Friday, I know. I had planned on getting that post done last night while baby was sleeping, however I got suddenly busy. We are currently ripping out our front overgrown flower bed and putting in an awesome patio...stay tuned for before and after pictures (and by WE I mean my husband...). Last night we bought the stone for the patio. Then my husband worked into early morning preparing the ground and digging up roots (because its much cooler at night then during the day!).
Back to Feingold though...its going! I did my first shopping trip, and it was stressful. Things were going well until I left the healthy/organic foods section. It seems every brand we usually eat is full of the bad stuff (aka not real food).'s going to be a long learning process.
I'd say we are 80% Feingold this week...and 20% junk still. I bought the wrong hot dogs, it was free slurpy day at 7-Eleven yesterday, and I wanted to eat up some non-Feingold foods this week because I hate to waste. Next week will be better though! I have my meal plan done through the month. However we are going camping next weekend, and I have no idea how to go camping with a large family on Feingold. The organic hot dogs were $8 for a six-pack. Yeah. Not happening. It will be our last camping trip for the year though, so we might just have to forget about Feingold that weekend. Uggh I hate how easy and cheap junk "food" is. We'll get there though! I do have some recipes for homemade marshmallows...but I'm still working on how to make hot dogs healthy. Maybe that's an impossible feat though...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trying this again...The ADHD Diet

I've researched and read about this so-called ADHD diet before, named the Feingold program. However it seemed overwhelming and I never had time to really seriously try it. Lately, though, with medication issues and more reading I've done, I've taken another look into the Feingold program.
And then I bought it! Then I put it aside for a few months....

Reading the testimonials of how much Feingold has helped others and symptoms it helped really inspires me to give it a good, honest try!
Some symptoms in my boys that I am hoping to alleviate include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Mood swings
  • Impulsive actions
  • Compulsive actions which include chewing of clothes, licking, facial tics, etc.
  • Other emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, irritability, etc
  • Learning problems
  • Health problems such as frequent headaches, upset stomachs, allergies, skin rashes
All of my boys could benefit from this diet change as I see these issues at different levels in all of them.
Summer is the perfect time to test it out!

I will be journaling our progress here under the labels Feingold and ADHD for easier future reference.

Step 1:
Going through the cupboards and cleaning out anything non-Feingold approved.
Make my first week's grocery shopping list/meal plan
Organize my cupboards (Right now they are a hodge podge mess and we often don't even know what we have available to eat or snack on!)

Stay tuned! I will be posting how week one's meals went next Friday. I think I shall call it "Feingold Friday" for Feingold related posts and updates. ;) (witty I am!)

For  more info on what the Feingold program is all about, visit the website