Monday, May 26, 2008

Fishing season begins...but not everyone is happy about it

Billy took the boys fishing for the first time this season over the weekend. The boys were OH SO excited!
So much so that Brayden woke us up at 3:00am fully dressed- coat, shoes and all! "Ready to go dad!", he said. We made him go back to bed for a short while, until an hour later Alex did the same thing! Those boys were SO ready to go fishing!

They left at 5am and were up at their favorite fishing spot bright and early.

I got to stay home and sleep in with baby Billy. :)

When they got back about 4 hours later, they had got nine fish! Very proud of their fish too they were.

Unfortunately, baby Billy was NO so happy about it. He took one look at those fish and freaked out! For some reason those fish really scared him! Yes...I got pictures!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Alex's Baptism

I want to just start this post with a huge THANK YOU to those that came to Alex's baptism on mom, dad and grandpa all came. Even though their beliefs were different, they still came to support Alex and for that I'm very grateful. It means so much to us that they'd put aside their own opinions and beliefs out of their love for Alex, to be there just to support him.
God bless you!

The picture here I posted is of Billy and I with Alex (and Brayden squeezed into the picture too at the last minute!) along with the two missionaries, Elder Stafford and Elder Bramall, who have been key in introducing us to the church and teaching us from the beginning.

It was a special day and thanks again to those who shared that with us.


Apple Blossom 2008

Whew. Another Apple Blossom over and done with! And this year I think we were able to come out of it without spending half of our life savings. haha

I didn't get any pictures of the youth parade we went to, but it's all pretty much the same thing every year. ;)

We even managed to, for the most part, avoid the food fair...after buying $4 corndogs following the youth parade, there was no way I was going back later with the whole family and spending easily $50 I'm sure just on carnival junk food! The prices...sheesh!

We did at least go to the carnival for a couple hours and the boys had a blast there. Alex even talked me into going on a couple rides. I wouldn't have dared showed these photos that Billy took, not the most flattering, but they are "fun" pictures. ;) Alex got me to go on the Scrambler, not too scary of a ride. Brayden went as well but I should have had him sit in the middle instead of me, because most of the ride I was squishing him against the side of our cart and trying to pull myself off of him!

Then Alex wanted to go on a scarier ride, the Kamikaze I think it was called. Like the "Hammer" I used to remember. It goes upside down, round and round, backwards and forwards. Fun. BUT I didn't want him to go alone, that would have been scarier for me. SO I went with him.... Oh and we're the ones in the FRONT seat.

Now the rest of the carnival pictures! One more year until the next Apple Blossom.....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Change in time

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that Alex's baptism will be this Saturday at 7pm. I initially said around 2pm, but 7:00pm is the final time.

Now I'm going to finish up our carnival pictures and post them here shortly!