Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of homeschool AND soccer season!

What a busy couple weeks!
Our soccer season started a couple weeks ago, so that's always fun. Not! Billy is coach of Alex's team because they couldn't find a coach. That just makes it MORE fun! Not.

Then last week the boys started their first day at their homeschool-school. Its described as the "best of both worlds". Its ran by a couple teachers and classes are also taught by other adults with experience in various areas and an interest in homeschooling. It gives the boys the chance to get out of the house two days a week and take a variety of fun classes in a school-like atmosphere (and also gives mom a break too!). They go there three hours on Tuesday and five hours on Wednesday.

Today started our first day of homeschooling. That was fun!

I wrote all about it on my homeschooling blog:

Brayden had his first soccer game yesterday too! It was a bit chaotic with the two little ones trying to run around everywhere. uggh! But I did get some pictures, that I will post next time!

Okay that's it for now, running out of computer time!