Monday, June 8, 2015

Fundraiser Time!


UPDATE: Fundraiser closed, but I've opened a Go Fund  Me account to keep track of our goal and to make it easier for out of town friends and family to donate.

Here is the link for that!!


I am not one to do fundraisers, like ever, so this is new to me. However, my son Owen desperately wants to go on a school trip to Washington DC! He's very excited!  As an effort to raise money, his grandmother kindly donated one of her own handmade pieces of artwork as a raffle item.  (Pictured below)
This is a 14" tall and 6" wide piece of glass and mirror with a giant iron/metal lizard on it it. :) Owen picked this out especially for his fundraiser.

Please help Owen get to Washington DC next year. He is attending through the World Strides program. We have a trip ID and confirmation if anyone would like to see proof of the trip. There may be an option to donate directly to the trip account on World Strides as well, but I will have to look into how to do that.

 I'm putting the price per raffle ticket at $5 - buy one or as many as you'd like.  I have several methods for donation: we can do Paypal, check, or cash. Paypal will accept major debit/credit cards. If using Paypal, you can send money to our address:
When you donate via Paypal, make sure to choose "send money to friends or family" OR "GIFT" -otherwise it will tax me. :(

I'm not sure how well I could ship this - it is fairly heavy. However I'm sure it could be done! I would have to charge a little for shipping, but if win and you aren't local then we can figure out the best way to get it to you!

Lastly, I'm running this raffle for four weeks for maximum visibility. :)  Please share share share and consider donating! I will be putting each person's name on a raffle ticket every time they donate. At the end of the four weeks I will video tape Owen drawing a name out of the bucket to be sure it's all fair and legit.

Drawing date will be July 8th by 10am Pacific time.

Thank you so much!!