Thursday, September 22, 2011

And Baby #6 is.......


 Bunches O' Boys will now have a little sister. :)

Its still all hard to believe right now, I was so convinced the baby was another HE. I am so not used to saying SHE and HER yet.

The boys are so very excited and happy. I got a video of their reaction to share with family and friends:

Also I have some first pictures to share of HER:

One of the PROOF shots...see the arrow. :) She was being very immodest. Daddy said it was okay only this once...

Another proof shot:

A baby profile with yawning mouth

A head profile shot:

Daddy and the youngest two got to come along. Before the ultrasound tech. shared the news, I thought I saw what looked like girl parts but didn't want to get too excited. So as soon as she said, "well looks like a GIRL!" I lost it! I said, "WHAT?!" and immediately was bawling. I even made daddy cry a little!  It was so unbelievable!

Then afterwards we started making the speaker phone calls to the grandparents.  Everyone was so excited! Beyond excited....

Now I just can't wait to meet her. February can't come fast enough! I can't imagine a little girl in this house O' boys.  Our life will be forever changed!