Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ouch! A lesson learned...

Last night we spent part of the evening in the ER. It started with the night before Alex was holding Billy Jr's hand to bring him inside the house when Billy Jr jerked away from him abruptly (he was trying to throw himself on the ground in a full blown fit). That action either caused his elbow to dislocate or a bad sprain.
We watched him the rest of the night, no swelling or bruising, but he still wouldn't use that arm. The next morning it wasn't better and he wouldn't let anyone even touch his arm. Poor little guy! :(
When Billy got off work, we went to a picnic in the park with family (thanks for the dinner Beki and John - it was fun!). It was raining like crazy and thundering and lightening so we spent most of the picnic under shelter - thank goodness for the covered eating area!
Afterward my mom and I decided to take Billy Jr into the ER because he STILL wasn't using his arm and seemed to be in pain, although no swelling or anything abnormal looking about his arm.
By this time, it was after his bedtime so he was SUPER cranky. He wouldn't let any of the nurses or doctors touch him and he kept yelling "STOP!" at the doctor and the x-ray tech. A couple more nurses had to come in and see what all the fuss and screaming was about...that was just the x-ray.
Unfortunately, the easy fix of just popping his elbow back into place didn't work. Fortunately his x-rays were fine though-nothing broken. So most likely he just has a bad sprain and he's supposed to wear a sling the next couple of days while his elbow/arm heals and any internal swelling goes down. If he still is not using his arm by Monday, then it's back to the doctors. :(
Today he seems to be better, using it a tad more but mostly it just hangs in the sling and he refuses to even try to use it. :(

So lesson learned for Alex, and for us, if Billy Jr or any young child is trying to wrench themselves away from you - DON'T hold on to their arm or hand while they throw a fit, just pick them up...kicking and screaming if need be!

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Beckstead Family said...

Ouch! Poor little guy. Gotta love the fits. I unfortunately still deal with those though I won't name names. LOL!! Hope it gets better soon!!