Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look what we found...

...actually a friend of ours found it just huddled in the driveway this evening. She thought there were two lumps or rocks in the road because they weren't moving but as she got closer she realized they were two very tiny kittens. So of course, we decided to go see if it was okay. This little kitten was on the side of the road now with its assumed litter mate. However the other kitten had hidden in the brush. We picked up this kitten and was shocked at its condition. The poor thing was so dirty, with a goobery face and literally skin and bones. I could feel every rib and bone in its body.

Of course no way could I just leave it alone, obviously the mother either abandoned it, or it had weaned but was a stray and didnt have a home to feed it.

After I got it inside and gave it some watery-mushy cat food - it didn't hesitate to gobble it right up. That was a relief - that it was at least old enough to know what to do with cat food and how to eat it. I'm guessing this little fella is about 4-5 weeks old. He still has blue-gray eyes which should be changed around 6-7 weeks of age supposedly. This kitten fits in the palm of my hand he is so small.

He gobbled up most of the food, mostly lapping up the water in the bottom of the bowl and then I wiped him down with a damp rag. I'm not kidding - that rag was black from dirt after I wiped him down and he still isn't totally clean.

After that it was like he found an appreciation for me, like he knew I was trying to help him. He squeaked at me and then crawled right up into my lap and curled up on my leg. When I tried to put him back in the kittie carrier - he meowed and came back out and back onto my lap. I don't know if he's a stray or someone dropped him off, he seems too friendly to be a feral kitten. (feral - wild/stray)

Upon closer inspection of his goobery face - it looks like his eyes are pretty clear but his nose is skinned up and a little raw in spots. I don't know what causes that? His nose is pretty pink and hairless, like the fur was rubbed right off for some reason. hmm

Anyway, we are NOT looking for any more pets...we already have three cats. So I'm going to call the human society tomorrow to see if they have a foster family to take him in (he's too young for the shelter probably, so they have cat/dog foster families for babies like this). UNLESS anyone else wants to take him on..... For tonight at least he has a warm bed and food in his tummy. I have him quarantined in the bathroom from our other cats and kids so that he can rest safely.

I sure hope his story turns out good and he gets a good home. He seems like he's been through some pretty rough times already in his few short weeks.

Here he is getting some cuddle time. He was purring!

This picture really shows his skinned nose and his blue-gray eyes. Note that some of the debris around his mouth is actually the wet cat food that he made a mess of!

And finally, AFTER his bath - much cleaner and WHITER. I got most of the goobers off his face but one spot was still stuck to his fur a little. In this picture he had crawled back out of his kitty carrier and back onto my lap. He was giving me kisses and trying to curl up on my neck. He loved the warmth I think.


Beckstead Family said...

How sad...I'm not really a cat person but I don't think I could just leave one on the street either. Makes you wonder where it came from or who it's owner is. I don't know how anyone could abuse an animal. :O( Hope you find a good home or the Humane Society will take him.

Simply, Sarah said...

He is sooo cute! That's how we found our last cat. He showed up at our door, Andy said not to feed it or give it milk. Of course, I had to give it milk, and he was ours! Fluffy, pretty cat he was, and we never had mice when he was here.

FarrFamilyCircus said...

I wish we could find his little sibling that was out there! Can you actually tell yet if it's a boy or girl? Has someone taken him? =)