Monday, June 1, 2009

Guy's Weekend

So this weekend, Friday and Saturday, Billy took Alex to Seattle. They had lots of fun while I stayed at home with the four youngest. It was hard work! haha But we had fun too and played in the kiddie pool aka mud bath, rented some movies for a "slumber party" in my room, and just had fun spending time together.

Here are the pix from Guy's weekend first - Alex took the pictures - that's why there is only a couple pictures, and one of a close-up of fish at Pike's Place Market and the other of Billy playing video games at Gameworks! haha

First though, here is a cool video of the roaring rapids at Deception Falls (or is it Deception Pass? I'm not sure...) The water was way high and moving really fast. Alex was too scared to even go out on the overlook thingy.

And now photos:

Pike's Place fish market:

Billy at Gameworks:

Now here's what me and the other four boys did at home:

Too cute photo of baby Billy talking to Lady. She was shaking his hand, wanting attention (like usual!). haha

Then she gives him some puppy love:

Owen in the mud bath:

Brayden, Owen AND Lady playing in the pool:

Brayden made me bet him to lay down in the mud bath:

Owen not being very nice to baby Billy!

Lady LOVES the water!

Watch out! Wet dog!

Brayden warming up in the sun:

Aww brotherly love!

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