Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Season

(I downloaded a new feature on my photo editing program that allows me to make cool adjustments to photos. So that's what you see in this soccer photo - I did a "dramatic" adjustment to make it look more cool. haha)

Soccer season has started and we've had our first day of games for Brayden and Alex. They both did great! Brayden did AWESOME for his first year in soccer. He was really getting in there and playing, passing, trying to make goals. Unfortunately, I took several pictures at his game before realizing that I left my memory card at HOME! aaack. Oh well, there is always the next game. shoot!
But we had time to run home before Alex's game, so I grabbed my memory card and got a few good photos.
Alex did great also, he mostly played a center field defender (?) and did AWESOME at it. (his job was to stand near the half field mark and if the other team happened to get the ball and started coming towards him - he was to get the ball away from them and back to his team). About 90% of the game was played on our side of the field, so the field defenders were doing their job! We won 9 to 4. (Brayden's team also won...of course they dont keep score with the little guys, but the parents on the sidelines were!)

Here are the other pictures I took (didn't use my new feature with these photos)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby #5 is a.......

SURPRISE! Yeah fooled you...I know how much you all want to know, but only one person knows and that is Billy! I didn't even find out, nor do I have the temptation to find out. I didn't even peek when the ultrasound tech. told me to look away while she was in "that area" measuring legs.

However, on Christmas morning, when I open my nursery and find out -everyone else will find out too - I promise!

My bet though is boy though - because after four boys I don't think it's a 50/50 equal chance of boy or girl like the "experts" say...I think it's more like 90/10 that it's a boy! I think my husband and I just make boys.
So I'd be VERY surprised if the baby was a girl. VERY.

Otherwise, the ultrasound went well - the baby was very active and measuring just fine, everything looked good. Phew!

Until next time,


Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Activities

Thankfully the church had something planned for Labor Day, because I can never get it together enough to plan anything!

Today we went to the church for a primary activity where the kids got to make homemade ice cream and the adults made a family home evening board, or whatever they wanted to use the board for.

I made a family home evening board - for the once a week family home evenings as recommended by the church, where you gather your family to have a lesson on a various topic, scriptures, etc. and then an accompanying activity with a treat and of course prayer.
You can have your family home evening whichever way you'd like, however the most common is to have each family member take turns being in charge of certain aspects of the evening - the prayer, the song, the lesson, the treat, the activity, and the closing prayer. (obviously little ones need help from the adults with some of those)

It was fun to make! I'm not a crafty person when it comes to non-computer crafts. lol I just can't get the letters to stick on you can see my "Prayer, Song, Lesson, Treat, Activity, Prayer" is a bit squished. So I just played with them and tilted the "Activity, Prayer" to make it look like it was meant to be "fun" and off-kilter. haha

Then I made little wooden clothespin people for each member of our family (with our names on them since all the boys pretty much look the same) that hangs on the hooks to rotate between activities on the board.
You can't see from the big picture, but each little person has a face painted on them too....

The boys think it's pretty cool and now Brayden has begun painting a clothespin person for each member of our extended family too!

Well I can't type much more because everyone is requiring something of me right now! aaack! That's what I get for trying to post on my blog in the middle of the day I guess. ;)

Until next time....(tomorrow - my big ultrasound!)