Monday, June 1, 2009

Gabriel's 4 month Photo

First of all - I posted another, longer, update first. However it is posted below this post, so make sure to scroll down and read the new updates!

I haven't posted new pictures of Gabriel lately, however I thought instead of just posting pictures like normal - I would have a little fun this time.

I'm going to post photos of all the boys, at around the same age as Gabriel now, and you have to guess which one Gabriel is! For me, I can see TONS of difference between the boys - but some people swear they all looked the same as babies. hmmm

You decide! Can you tell which baby is which? One is pretty but the others are harder.

Baby 1:

Baby 2:

Baby 3:

Baby 4:

Baby 5:


Simply, Sarah said...

Billy, Alex, Brayden, Gabriel, Owen??

Bethany said...

Wow you're good! You are right! haha
Brayden always looked so different from the other boys, different facial structure and more HAIR! It's Owen, Billy, and Gabriel that most people get mixed up.

Beckstead Family said...

LOL!! So had them written down the same as Sarah. :O) Yay! Cute babies!! :O)

Kris said...

I got it right too! It's the shape of his head that gave it away for me. (Moo)

FarrFamilyCircus said...

Darn it! I wrote it all down and was so excited and everybody got it before me ;) but I was right!

Anonymous said...

Ok I am the grandma and I had it right but did have to really look at the last two Gabriel and Owen. Wow they are very much alike even more than I thought. Wow its so strange to look back at Brayden at that age............I can't beleive it's been that long already. my oh my