Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pirate Party Photos!

Finally I'm getting some time to download the party photos.

I think it was a hit! Everyone had a great time, although we have TONS of leftover food. Well not so much anymore, we found homes for most of it and just have a little bit left. Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. haha

Billy in costume (no this is not how he always dresses, haha):

The gigantic food table:

Little kids musical chairs:

Big kids musical chairs:

My grandpa holding his great-grandson (Gabriel) for the first time, thought this was a cute photo :)
The ENORMOUS cake that is supposed to feed 80 people and we had TONS left over:

Make a wish!
Big boys trying to act cool!


Amy said...

fun, fun, fun!! Love the pic of Gabriel and his great grandpa! You will treasure it.

Scott Welch said...

I am soo sorry we missed it not only do the pictures look great, but Michelle said it was a blast. Happy Birthday to the boys and I'm so glad it turned out to be a great Birthday DAY!!
Jen Welch