Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bye bye long hair!

I finally got a new hair cut! And it feels so good. No more long hair weighing me down. haha

My hair grows pretty fast, and surprisingly it was only about two years ago that I had it cut last to my shoulders. This time I had over 10" of length cut off. Holy moly! So I'm donating it to Locks of Love.

Anyway, here are my before and after photos.




Glory of Glass said...

Beautiful, looks like it will be much easier to take care of and with all you have to do easy is nice..........Good choice, it looks great.

FarrFamilyCircus said...

SUPER CUTE! I love it...I got my length cut off about three weeks ago, and I'm finding that I can just roll out of bed, run a brush through it and go...pretty great! I always thought long hair was easier but...NO! I love your cut! Very cute!

Kim said...

I love it! It feels so good to cut it all off. You look great!

Jen Welch said...

Bethany!!! You inspired me. When I read this I called the salon and had my hair cut in the hour! By the time I finished it looked like there was a cat curled up at the base of the chair. I feel so much lighter, whew :)
Hope you're having a great day! Oh! I forgot to mention that it looks great.
Jen Welch

Michelle said...

Lexi says "It's cute"! It looks great! There is nothing like having a hair cut right after you have a baby!! Michelle