Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alex's Cub Scout Banquet

Alex got his Cub Scout (Bear scout) badge, and his whittling chip badge at the Blue and Gold banquet on Tuesday. He also got an award for the "best driver in the car" for his pinewood derby car. haha The "driver" was a ninja turtle that was screwed into the car.
Alex did fairly well on the pinewood derby especially since we didn't know about it until the night before (thanks Sarah!) and we made his car in two hours before the derby started! haha He won three of four races.

Anyway, so here are the pictures from the banquet and a couple others I like...

Alex playing the "one black eyed ghost" in the skit they did at the banquet:

Alex and I:

Daddy and Gabriel at the banquet:

Gabriel smiling some more..

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