Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Planning our vacation...

So we're in the planning stages of our big vacation this summer. We usually have one vacation every year, but its always been local - like just across state to the coast. This year there is a big family reunion in Idaho, not too far from the Utah border. We've decided to make a week of it and spend our vacation in the Salt Lake City area.

So far I've got our dog booked into the kennel and our hotel room in Utah reserved. Yay!
Now, we're in the planing stages of what to DO while we're there. Any cheap/free ideas anyone? I have a few websites for info on where to go, but I'd like to hear some personal experience!


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Misty said...

Hey Bethany! Where are you staying at? Maybe i'll try and get our hotel the same place. There is temple square, hogle zoo, the aquarium, clark's planetarium...i'll keep thinking. I thought maybe we could do the zoo and temple square together. WDYT?