Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Name!

Well we've picked out a baby name! Billy said he wouldn't discuss names until after I found out the gender, so literally like the day after I saw my nursery and the gender of the baby - we discussed names again and finally decided on one. YAY!

Billy always laughs because I have to "lead up" to what the name is - because, well it's not your typical name you hear every day and some people - about half of who we tell, don't like it.
But you know what? It's our kid...not theirs. ;) haha

Anyway, I liked Noah and Isaac and Andrew and Quinn/Quinlan - but none of them felt "right". They were great names...just not THE name.

I was so happy then when Billy agreed on the name that I DID love and felt was THE name.

So his name will be Kaenan Guy B....
(Like Keenan, but with a long "a" instead of the long "e")

The spelling was an issue at first, deciding which way to go. I originally found the name Canaan because it's biblical, however many many people mispronounced it as "Cannon". So then I found another form of the name, also in the Bible - Cainan. However Billy thought it might have referenced to Cain too much and we didn't want to name our son after the Cain in the Bible. !!

That led us to the Irish spelling, Kaenan. We like to pick Irish/Celtic names anyway (Owen and Brayden were supposed to be Irish/Celtic in origin, but it depends on which baby name book you look in!).
So I let Billy then pick the spelling since I picked the name.

And for those who don't like it - well you'll get used to it. I am already calling him by his name and can imagine him with this name totally...for others, once you get to know him -in time you won't be able to imagine him with any other name as well.


The Risdons said...

I Love it. I wanted to name a baby Cain because it's a cool name...I guess that guy in the Bible ruined it for everyone!

Kim said...

I think it is a great name!!!

Glory of Glass said...


CC said...

I LOVE the name!! In fact that was one of my choices for my twins' names (I had a student in my class one year with that name and I've always loved it - it helps that the student was very smart and a very sweet person).

(((hugs))) and congratulations on picking a name!

And Happy New Year from my crew to yours!

Carol (jan.feb.boys)

FarrFamilyCircus said...

I like the name...very cute! And not so out of the least it's a word that people have heard before!
Glad your coming to the scrapbooking party! Can't wait to see your tummy!! =)