Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can't name: revisisted

So as much as I still love Kaenan, and I've been picturing him in my head as's not totally up to me. Billy has a say too. (sheesh!) haha
He does like Kaenan, and he picked the spelling. But it's not a name he would have picked or decided on if it was up to him. I think the more he thinks about it, the more he doesn't like it as well. :(

That said, Billy came up to me yesterday and exclaimed to me that he had found the PERFECT name. He LOVES it and it would be perfect. I had thought we already had a perfect name but I listened to his suggestion....and it was Gabriel.

Now I was torn. Because it wasn't a horrible name, and I do like it. And it was on my short list of boy names. Also, Billy had never come to me with a name he LOVED. Never once, through all of our boys. I had picked out Brayden and Owen's name myself and Billy just went along with it. He finally had his say with Billy Jr's name, so that's why he says the name is up to me this time.
However I want us both to love the name.

So now what? I'm stuck. I still love Kaenan, but there are a lot of issues tied with it - like the spelling issue, which I think we've overcome...and it's not very common so most people may not know how to pronounce it and he would really stand out from his brothers who have pretty common names. Gabriel would fit better with the other boys' names.

What to do....what to do??? Picking out another person's name for them is SO hard! haha


Jesse said...

I'm generally the kind of person who likes to solve other peoples problems for them, so if you like this, good, if not, just ignore it.

I think you could compromise. You could either come up with some kind of mix between the two names, or just name him both. I like to think that's why some people have middle names. Or, you could just resolve to have another boy in a few years...

Good luck! Send your family my love.

TMC said...

What about Gabriel Kaenan? I agree, it is so hard. Or why not wait until you see him and decide which name fits best? Good luck on whatever you decide. I like both names.

Glory of Glass said...

ok guys why don't you table this for now and just wait until you see this little guy. When you see him you will both know which name suits him best. Love to you all.