Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Tree Fun

Finally I have the pictures downloaded of us decorating our Christmas tree!

Not much to say other then it was fun, all the boys helped, and baby Billy LOVED putting ornaments on the tree...and taking them back off again, and putting them back on, and taking them back off again...you get the idea.

Okay, on to the pictures!

Alex showing baby Billy how to put ornaments on. He's such a good big brother!
All of the boys putting ornaments on - it was a free for all for a while there until we made them start going one at a time!

Brayden trying to reach high!

Baby Billy concentrating very hard on putting that ornament on that branch...Owen showing off his school ornament from last year

Baby Billy LOVING the Christmas lights.

Brayden's turn this year to put the angel on the tree, the NEW angel.
Our new angel! In years past we used an old angel that Billy had aquired from somewhere, but this year we decided that we needed our own family angel to have as a keepsake.

The finished product! Owen is turning on the lights....drumroll please....

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FarrFamilyCircus said...

We invested in our first very own tree topper last year...doesn't it just add that finishing touch that this is actually "our" family christmas tree? Gotta love it!