Sunday, December 21, 2008

Owen the Christmas Cow

Last night was the church Christmas dinner and program. Owen was asked to dress up as a nativity animal.

I don't sew and I'm not crafty.

So naturally I spent the week obsessing over other costumes I found online and trying to find the easiest one to do. I decided on a cow, because gluing tons of pieces of cotton for a sheep didn't sound like fun. haha
However, Owen wanted to be a camel. He insisted on being a camel. I considered it momentarily, and even looked for a few camel costume ideas online. However it proved to be way beyond my expertise.
So he was a cow.

I wanted him to be a white cow with brown or black spots, but I couldn't find a white hooded sweatshirt/sweatpants. Only black. So he was a black cow with white spots...not sure if those exist, but maybe special Christmas cows can be black with white spots. :)
I ended up sewing the white spots on with my limited knowledge of sewing that I remembered from high school. I also sewed on the ears and the "mane" for the cow.

Owen really liked it and his favorite part was the tail. haha

It ended up being way too much work (2-3 days!) for just the short 15 minutes he was on stage, but it was cute and made for good memories.

Here are the pix of Owen the Christmas cow and a few others I forgot to add last week of Owen's preschool Christmas concert.

Front view:
Back view:

Owen's big debut:

Owen's preschool concert:
(I had to leave the boy in the photo next to him, the poor thing was so cute but so sad looking. He cried through most of the concert)


FarrFamilyCircus said...

GREAT COSTUME! That is so adorable! Oh my gosh! I love the pics at the end...especially the last one. Owen having fun and that poor boy with his hands folded and looking down. LOL...I feel bad for his parents! That would make me feel so bad! cute!

Amy said...

Love the costume!! Good job. Maybe you can keep it and one of the boys can use it as a Halloween costume?

Love the second pic fromt he bottom of Owen. That other boy looks so sad :(