Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm kicking myself...

Yesterday a church friend of ours (thanks Eric!) was doing family photos at Ohme Gardens to practice his photography skills and get referrals. Just FYI, he did a great job! It was fun. :) We had never been to Ohme Gardens before, so that was really fun for us.

BUT I'm kicking myself because I DIDN'T BRING MY CAMERA!? Oh no! Even Billy couldn't believe I forgot, I always bring it everywhere there are going to be good photo op's. haha It was just so busy yesterday that I didn't even think about it.

The boys had a blast though running around all the trails and making wishes in the wishing well and looking out over the city. They couldn't believe how high up we were.

We have made plans to go back when its warmer next year and bring a lunch, and just hike around and check it all out for the day. I'll make sure to bring my camera then!

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SarahAnne said...

Eek! It's always that kind of moment when you forget the camera. Why is that? LOL Glad to hear it went well despite your missing camera. At least someone had one there. ;o)