Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beginning to sound a lot like Christmas....

Brayden has been practicing his Christmas songs for his piano recital this winter. He's mastered Jolly Old St Nicholas and plays it over and over and over again ALL DAY LONG from memory, doesn't even need the book anymore. LOL
Now though he's supposed to be working on his new song, Silent Night. He's got the first line down but is struggling on the second line. I think his sickness got him behind a bit because he couldn't practice for a few days and forgot how the second line is supposed to go. He's almost got it though. :)

I will get some batteries in my camera and post a video of him playing Jolly Old St Nicholas. :)

But all these Christmas songs, all day long, is really making it sound a lot like Christmas around here! My favorite time of the year. :)

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Michelle said...

Beth, that is so great that he is enjoying the piano so much. Best christmas preasent ever! Let us know when his recitle will be. Also, do we have a time set up for pictures?