Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just some updates...

So I realized one of my posts on my blog was missing that I made last week!! I then realized I accidentally posted it to my other blog, my personal journal blog. Sheesh!
Make sure to scroll down to see my soccer picture update below this post.

Here is my missing post of our family updates:


No pictures...I need more "Kodak moments"!

So just some family updates since it's been awhile...

Me - Just loving school season. My days are quieter, although baby Billy is giving me a hard time! He's getting bored I think and I can't let him out of my sight at all.
Today I'm getting caught up on mountains of laundry. I just don't get it - I get ALL caught up and its not even a week later and I'm days and days behind. If I even miss two days of doing laundry, it's like a domino effect...trying to get caught up on the laundry I'm behind on puts me more behind on the new laundry! haha So I'm having a folding party at my place, wanna come?
I think by the end of the day I should have all the laundry I just will work on folding and putting it away the rest of the day.
Oh and I've sort of gotten over my fear of public speaking. I seriously had major anxiety about it, about any public speaking. I know that in our church everyone gets to take a turn eventually and give talks on various topics at some point. Especially now that our church has split into smaller wards, it means that we get to talk more. aaack! The only public speaking experience I remember is from high school, giving reports. I would literally almost pass out, sweating, bright red face, and could feel and hear my heart pounding. haha
BUT I had to give my first talk at church a couple weeks ago. It was just on our story of coming to the church and our temple experience. Then this last Saturday we had our stake conference which is when all the churches in our area, our stake, gathers and has one big huge church service. Saturday evening is an adults service and Sunday morning is a service for everyone. It is usually so big that they have to open up the gym and the entire gym also fills up - sometimes extending to the stage. Aaack! However I was asked to talk at the adults service Saturday evening and it was way less people. Only the chapel was filled up, with the overflow (an area in the back of the chapel that can be opened if more space is needed).
I did just fine, way less nervous then my first talk two weeks ago. I did get a little emotional during my talk, but less then the first time. Just like the first time, I ended this talk feeling like I just didn't say enough. I felt like there was something more to be said and I didn't cover it all. You'd think I'd feel RELIEF that I was done, but instead I felt like I wanted to say MORE. haha

Okay on to more updates...

Billy - Is feeling better, I think he's past whatever he had going on. We're hoping it wasn't swine flu, but all the symptoms fit. It wasn't bad enough to be hospitalized for so he never went to the doctor. He rarely goes to the doctor anyway - he's as stubborn as a mule. haha But he is better and the boys got a mild version of it, and not all of them!

Alex - Is loving middle school I think. He's got the locker situation under control now. yay! He's in band but has yet to start learning to play his instrument - which he has chosen the trombone. haha We are still waiting for it to come in at the music store.

Brayden - Had a bit of an accident at soccer practice the other day which most of you all read about on facebook already! But AFTER soccer practice, while waiting for Alex's practice to finish, Brayden was racing a group of boys. He is very fast! Suddenly a little girl was there in the way and he couldn't stop in time and ran right into her. She, however, was the lucky one. I think her knee came up and hit Brayden's nose. Immediately he ran over screaming to me and his nose was just gushing. I took off his shirt to help with the bleeding and thankfully practice was over so we went right home.
Then he kept complaining of his head hurting too and he was very sleepy. We called the on call pediatrician but we were only on hold for 30 min and then we had to hang up, but they never even called us back. :( At about 10:30pm however he starting throwing up. :( That is usually a sure sign of a head injury. Billy thinks it could have also been from the pain of the nose injury, I don't know. But Billy took him to the ER and they said to just treat it like a head injury and wake him up every 4 hours. I also kept him home from school for a day and he had to miss his Saturday game.
BUT he's okay now. Just a bit of bruising around his eyes from the nose injury, but the ENT doctor said that it's okay - not broken. Kids have lots of soft cartilage still and it just crunches and rearranges when bumped. OUCH But it usually doesn't actually break. Good to know!
I guess that's what we get with all these boys...injuries are bound to happen. *sigh*

Owen - Loves kindergarten and I think is doing very well. I'm excited for the first parent/teacher conference.

Billy Jr - Is very busy, very much into his terrible two's. haha I think he misses his brothers. I can't wait until he's old enough to start preschool. I think he would really like that.

Gabriel - Is almost 8 months old! Can you believe it!! He's eating cheerios and crackers already. He still refuses any bottle or pacifier though. We're not pushing the pacifier anymore, but he will eventually need to take a bottle! Maybe I'll try to find a beginners sippy cup instead.
He is starting to sit for small amounts of time, however I need to be working with him more and letting him down on the ground more, because he should be sitting well by now and even starting to try to crawl. I just hold him way too much I guess. haha

So that's about it! I hope to have a picture update next time...soon. :)

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