Thursday, October 22, 2009


Uggh I write this now as I have almost a 102 temp so forgive me for not making sense if I don't! haha

I just wanted to warn everyone to stay away from now because ALL of us, with the exception of Gabriel, are sick..most likely with the swine flu. I asked Gabey's pediatrician and he said all the symptoms match and since its too early for the "regular" flu, they are just assuming any case with those symptoms of a flu are the swine flu because its spread like wildfire here.

This thing is SO contagious. First Alex got it and was home for a couple days and then Brayden and Owen started their fevers the same night, and Billy Jr the next night. Billy and I started feeling sick and feverish this morning. I just pray that Gabriel doesn't get it! ALthough his pediatrician said he qualifies as high risk because of his age and we could get him some meds if he starts having a fever, probably a tamiflu type thing.

Alex went back to school today because he was 48 hrs fever free but then the school called this  morning and he had a 99.4 temp. I don't even consider that a temp..and the school's own "rules of when not to come to school" sheet says any temp over 100 don't come to school. Some people just have warmer bodies. BUT it was a good call afterall because by afternoon he was up to 102. Great. He was my one well child! lol

We unfortunately had to cancel all kinds of fun plans we made this weekend, Alex missed his end of the soccer year trophy party and last game as well as the school science fair today that he was looking forward to. Owen is missing his pumpkin patch field trip tomorrow. :( And I am missing a fun weekend I had planned for months now scrapbooking with Joy. Sorry again Joy!

I just hope that we are all better by Halloween or the boys would be UPSET. haha is here, bgotta ruN!

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Jen Welch said...

Beth! I will be praying for a QUICK and Through recovery for all of you! It sounds like you need to take a day off when you all feel well and go to Disneyland or have cinnamon rolls for dinner or something really fun to make up for all of the fun things you all missed :( I hope you'll be better by next Wednesday! I was wondering where you were, glad to hear you weren't just playing hookey :) Luv ya! Jen