Monday, November 9, 2009

Updates with photos and video!

Well I am a slacker when it comes to blog updates. Here it is starting the 2nd week of November and I haven't even posted about Halloween yet!! I guess I've been hanging out at Facebook too much. oops!

Okay, updates...

Well we're done with soccer, so that is very nice! :) I posted already about Alex missing his last game and trophy party. :(

Now we are just busy with school, work, and church stuff. The usual!

In exciting news...Alex won an XBOX 360 at his school's Halloween fun night! Wohoo! He was SO excited. We picked him up just a couple minutes early, while they were still announcing winners of various contests, and then there was no school for three days due to conferences. So he didn't even know that he had won it until he came back to school on Monday and friends were congratulating him. He ran to the office...and there it was, with his name on it! When I picked him up from school that day he starting pointing at this bag he was holding before I even had parked the car. I had no clue what was going on! He was so excited that he could hardly contain himself. haha

Other news - Gabriel has finally started scooting! He just scoots a few inches backwards, but in about an hour he'll go halfway across the room. I have a little short video of him scooting once, it was the best video I could get. I also got a video of his cuteness laughing, babbling, and grunting at me. :)
(Cant figure this video thing out - so bear with me!)

Brayden is still practicing for his Christmas piano recital this December. I don't know when it is yet, but when I find out I will let you know! This is our first year doing piano, so I have no clue what to expect or what a recital is usually like. So far though he's learned three songs. Well he knows Jolly Old St. Nicholas by memory now. He also can play the first two lines of Silent Night and Deck the Halls by memory. He's still working on learning the rest of those songs though. Deck the Halls he actually taught himself. He started practicing the song by himself at home, and learned the first two lines before he even went back to piano lessons the next week.
Here is a video of him playing Jolly Old St Nicholas, although he messes up a couple times. He was flustered by the camera, and although he played it perfectly a second time - my battery ran out. So I only have this one to post for now:

Now about went well! We just took the boys around a local neighborhood to trick-or-treat for a couple hours. Billy Jr really figured it out and LOVED running from house to house yelling "trick or treat!" We had a hard time keeping up with him. He only lasted about an hour though and he was done. haha
So the boys dressed up as - Alex: a soldier with camo paint on his face / Brayden: a "spider king" with web on his spider king robe, but he wanted a zombie face too. Then he got hold of the red paint and went crazy on his face. grrrr / Owen: a vampire / Billy Jr: a pumpkin, just like last year. He didn't care though, and we were at Grandma's last year so no one here got to see it yet haha / Gabriel: a horse...although he pretty much stayed in the stroller for the first 30 min and then in the car with me.


I'm just looking forward to all the candy being GONE from this house...its not good for me to have it accesible. haha!

Those are all the updates I can remember for now. More to come later!

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