Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a couple new pictures...

I need to take more pictures! It seems though that lately I'm pretty much tied to the couch most of the day feeding the baby. I can't wait until he gets into more of a feeding schedule and is actually happy and allows me to lay him down in his swing or for naps. Right now he cries when I'm not holding him, and then immediately wants to eat again even if he just ate. It's all a lot of fun though!

So here are some new Gabriel photos. Can you believe he'll be a month old next weekend!? Where did the time go? haha

As for other updates, for Valentine's Day the boys got to have heart shaped pepperoni pizza which they were very excited about. Brayden went with Billy and helped pick out a singing balloon, a box of chocolates and roses for me. Later on, Billy and I got take-out from our favorite Italian restaurant to eat after the boys went to bed. (so that we could actually enjoy the food! haha) Billy also got me a new mouse (finally! I was tired of my right click button not working) and an under the counter can opener. (previously I used a super old manual can opener that was on its last legs haha). Romantic gifts, maybe not, but practical and I needed them! yay!

Also, I'm including a picture of baby Billy after he got into my makeup. This is not the first time this has happened. In fact just yesterday I caught him in my mascara and he had mascara all over his forehead. *sigh* In this picture he has gotten into my lipgloss. haha

Today we went back to Church for the first time. It was a bit chaotic trying to get out of the house on time, but we made it with about a minute or two to spare before Church started! haha And even though Gabriel wants to eat all of the time and can be a bit fussy, he did pretty well and I only had to go feed him twice and he slept the rest of the time. yay!

That's about all of the updates for now! The boys' big birthday party (Alex, Brayden, Billy Jr) is coming up soon so I'll have pictures for all of those birthdays and the birthday party in the next couple weeks.



FarrFamilyCircus said...

Never fear, by the way...I am still meaning to get you that CD! My car is going to be in the shop ALL day tomorrow, so if I can't get it to you today, I'll get it to you sometime between work stuff on Wednesday ;)

Michelle said...

Are there plans for the boys birthdays? Let see if I get this straight, the 20th, 23rd, and
25th? Am I close? Haha!

Kimmygintx said...

DANG.. a month old already! Wow time sure does fly and boys will be boys. ;)