Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy Jr!

(I'm running a couple days behind right now, but trying to catch up while the baby is sleeping...shhhhh)

Billy Jr. turned two on Saturday, February 21st! I can't believe it's been two years!

He's definitely in his terrible two's though, no denying that. haha

We did a little family celebration, since his BIG birthday party is this weekend. I bought cupcakes (ran out of time to make them..shhh) and we got him his first bike. I didn't know the made bikes so small. It's a 10" and it's for 1-3 years old. He LOVES it. I just need to get him his own sized helmet now!

He was a bit afraid of the flames on the candle though I think. You'll see in the picture, but he was mesmerized by the flame and wouldn't blow them out. Then when daddy blew them out for him, he backed WAY up. Afterwards, he wouldn't even eat his cupcake although he did finally attempt to lick the frosting (see picture!) and that was that.

After he backed up....Taking a bite finally....

He was a bit cranky because it was his bedtime. He did NOT want to part from his pacifier, which we're currently working on trying to break him of. *sigh*

Okay now for my tradition (or I'm making it one now...haha) of telling all about the day he was born....
I was due February 16th and hoping he'd come early so that it wouldn't be during his two older brothers' birthday week, it was crazy enough with two birthdays the same week. Unfortunately he had other plans and I think he WANTED to join in on their celebration. haha Finally at five days overdue my wonderful doctor offered to help labor along by breaking my water for me on February 21st. I had him five hours later, and while I did receive the epidural, I only had it for 20 minutes before he was born. It did help, but I wish I had a chance to "enjoy" it and rest some! haha
He was 9 lbs 12 oz and 21" long. A BIG boy!

Here is his picture the day he was born:


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Amy said...

he always looks so serious! What a cute baby (and boy) he is. i love those chubby cheeks!