Saturday, January 17, 2009

My "date" with Owen and newest belly shot...

Today was Owen's and my mommy/son date. I'm getting used to this every Saturday being spoiled and pampered thing! haha

Owen picked out the movie Tales of Despereaux and for lunch/dinner we ate at Red Robin. Daddy also helped him pick out my favorite candy (Ferrero Rocher...the little chocolate hazelnut balls yumm) to give to me.

He had such a fun time at the movie and kept asking me if I was having a good "date". haha
He got a little goofy at Red Robin, and at that point I was getting tired and SO ready to go home so we took most of our food with us.
Unfortunately, the dog got a hold of Owen's left overs as soon as we got home. aaaack And then Owen's balloon from Red Robin popped. :(

Overall he had a great time though and it was fun!! Next weekend is Alex's turn, but I'm being optimistic in hoping we'll have a baby by then so we're planning for daddy to take Alex next weekend.

Okay so here is my 38 week belly shot. Uggh I feel so HUGE lately. I feel like this must sort of feel how it is carrying twins. I don't have a lap, its hard to drive, to pick up anything, to sit, to lay do anything. I'm exhausted just walking from one room to the next, not to mention trying to keep up the house. I just feel...monsterous! haha
I wonder how big this kid is going to be?....

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Kimmygintx said...

You look great, momma!

Sorry to hear about Owen's balloon and leftovers :(

Can I send you some **LABOR DUST**? ;)