Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brayden's and my "date"!

So in an effort to start spending more one on one time with each of the boys, we decided to start doing these "date" days out with each of the boys, one at a time.
Eventually it's going to have to be a daddy/son "date" soon when the baby comes, but for now Mommy gets to take them out and be spoiled! One of the many perks of having all boys!

Saturday was the first day we've done this, and it was Brayden's turn first - mostly because we used it as an incentive for being good in school that week and he really seems to be acting out the most and needing some positive attention.

It was very cute, Brayden picked out what we were going to do - eat at the "Wok About Girl" (actually the "Wok About Grill, but he calls it the Wok About Girl haha), which is his favorite restaurant. Then he wanted to see a movie, and he picked the new Adam Sandler (kids) movie, "Bedtime Stories". After the movie, he wanted to take me out to ice cream.

He dressed all up in his best clothes and daddy gave him the money to put in his wallet so that he could pay for everything.

First we went out to eat, and I showed him how to treat a lady by opening doors for me. haha He loved feeling like a big boy and getting his own food (this kind of restaurant you make your bowl of veggies, noodles, etc and then take it to the cooks at the woks to cook up for you).
After dinner he took the receipt up to the cash register and paid all by himself. :)

Next we went to the movie, and he also paid for the movie. (however he was barely tall enough to reach the counter! It was cute watching him say "one adult and one child for Bedtime Stories" when his eye level was barely above the tall ticket counter!)
The arcade games in the lobby of the theater did sidetrack him a little so I ordered and paid for our movie snacks. haha

The movie was good, a cute story line and nothing inappropriate. (something I worry about with Adam Sandler movies! haha)

Then afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins and had some ice cream. He was telling me all about the girl he likes and I was giving him tips on how to be nice to girls and complement them...because right now he is mean to girls he likes. A boy thing I guess. haha Then he was talking all seriousness about how his friend Andrew is half-vampire.
It was a great conversation. Very enlightening. haha

Finally at the end, I took him to the video game store to spend his allowance and get a new gameboy game.

Now the other boys just can't wait to go out on their mommy/son (or daddy/son) dates!

It was lots of fun!

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SarahAnne said...

This was so sweet to read. It brought tears to my eyes. We are doing the same thing with our kids, except we are doing a date with the parents. One-on-one dates are next!