Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terrible Two's...Uggh!

Okay so he's not two yet...but almost!

Wow baby Billy is on a ROLL lately!

He climbs anything and everything and keeps me on my toes.

For a quick he
*hit his brother about 10 times
*he spilled the rest of the dog food into the dog's water dish
*he climbed into the new baby-to-be's bassinet about 5 times and when I moved it, he took the wicker baskets from underneath of it to squeeze himself into and sit in those
*he dumped out his little cup of dry cereal I gave him to snack on, all over the floor
*he climbed onto the piano about 15 times trying to watch my digital picture frame I have on top of it
*he bit holes in the bag of hamburger buns and took little baby bites out of two of the buns...
*he ripped off his diaper and ran naked through the house, managing to pee a little here and there on the way
*he threw half of his toys down stairs
*he tried to climb up onto the kitchen counter to "help me" cook lunch about a dozen times, although I quickly got him back down as soon as he'd get back up
*he squished a handful of Ritz crackers all over the floor

And for the grand finale.....
*he snuck the strawberry syrup off of the counter and ran through the house squirting it everywhere. Yeah that was fun to clean up.

Oh and that was all just before noon!!!!

Wow I forgot how tiring raising a toddler is. Phew



FarrFamilyCircus said...

ugh...I know what you mean. At least you have hard floors instead of carpet...that syrup would have been a disaster! The twins are keeping me running too...I look forward to going to work to relax ;)

SarahAnne said...

Oh yeah, that's the life we live! ;o)

Amy said...

Oh, gosh, I so remember those days. Especially the day my 2 year old somehow got the food coloring and "colored" my kitchen floor!

Love your new header picture!