Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag I'm it!

I haven't been tagged before, this is fun. Who would have known there was all these fun little games and things to do with your blog?

Okay I'm supposed to post the fifth picture in my picture folder, but I have many many different picture folders - I'll see what I have in my main folder though...

The fifth picture in my computer picture's folder, a little graphic I made on Pyzam - nothing too exciting here:

The fifth picture in my main "DC Pictures" folder on my external hard drive, DC Pictures is where all of my digital camera pictures are saved...because I have too many to put on my computer hard drive! haha:

This is my goddaughter who I rarely get to see anymore! I'll call her "J" for privacy purposes:

OOPs and I forgot to tag five other people...except I only have four other people on my blog to tag right now. ;) I need to add more blogs to my list!
Okay so I tag....Joy, Michelle, Beki, Jesse...and my son has a blog and is begging me to "tag" him. haha So I tag Alex too. ;)

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