Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is there a weight limit on Santa's sleigh?

Oh how to deal with this one?!

Brayden this year is asking Santa Clause for.....a bike? Nope. A puppy? Nope. A video game system? Nope.

He's asking for a PIANO. He's gotten into this big piano obsession and wants lessons and all. He's tried to play the piano at friends' houses before and has always been interested in it, but now suddenly it's all he can talk about.
It doesn't have to be new he says, but he just wants one. A big one. And one with pedals.

I tried to sell him on the idea of a cool adult sized electronic keyboard, with a stand that he can sit at it and play. Then if he really likes playing a "piano" and does well at lessons, then we'll keep looking for a big piano and just wait for the right one (right price) to come along.


That doesn't have pedals, he says. It has to have pedals, and a bench, and be a real actual PIANO.

But does a piano fit in Santa's sleigh? Yikes!

I've been searching Craigslist everyday for a good deal on a used piano. I found one that has a missing key, which the people say they have. But is that easy to fix? I have no clue about pianos. NO clue. Don't you have to get them tuned every so often? Cleaned or whatever? I don't know!

Oh I hope he drops this idea soon...but I know Brayden and he never drops or forgets anything. When he wants something, he WANTS it. And besides, a piano and lessons would be nice for him? He needs to learn an instrument.
Alex is asking for a guitar from Santa.

It's going to be a musical Christmas!


Jesse said...

From what I understand, generally you only have to get a piano tuned when you move it, so you would want to do it once initially, then I think you never have to again, unless you move it, but maybe after about ten or twenty years you're supposed to. I don't know. And I would think that replacing a key wouldn't be that hard if you had someone who knew what they were doing do it. I would start asking around at church to see if anyone knows much about pianos.

TMC said...

I know when we wanted something that was WAY out of my mom's price range and we didn't get it from Santa, she took that opportunity to teach us about giving and the Savior (the true meaning of the season). She let us know it wasn't all about getting what we wanted. I know nothing about them, but good luck in your search!

FarrFamilyCircus said...

It seems like there are always pianos on craigslist...some for fairly cheap considering...
Also, if your interested, you can call around to local churches and see if anyone has advertised looking for someone to store a piano for awhile. We always have people in our church loaning pianos or needing someone to keep one for awhile.

Natalia said...

That's really cute! Our electric piano has pedals and a bench. It's the most like a real-piano-sounding one that the (large) store had in the price range. In fact, it actually does look like a real piano. It's a Kawai CN2

But I don't remember the price. (Ours was an insurance replacement, may be too much for a Christmas budget.)