Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Updates

Well first of all...I'll talk about this lovely photo I've posted of Owen.
If you couldn't tell at first sight, I'll point it out for you - notice Owen's front teeth? One of his big front teeth and the small one next to it are brown.
During Halloween he was running on Grandma's wood flooring and slipped and fell RIGHT on his teeth. BIG OUCH. We thought they were fine though and just kept an eye for any discoloration. Well 2 weeks later they finally start to change color. It happened so fast too, in just one weekend.

I took him to the dentist on Monday and they said that since the teeth are his primary, or baby teeth then they really don't do much about them unless they start showing signs of infection.
SO basically, unless the teeth get infected, then Owen is going to have to walk around with two brown front teeth until they fall out on their own...which could be another couple years. Brayden is 6.5 and still has his baby front teeth.

I'm just glad we got school pictures before the teeth started turning brown! And maybe by next year they'll start to fade a little. I have heard stories of the damaged brown teeth fading back to white, or near white, after some time. *crossing fingers*
Poor little guy! I'm just glad it's not hurting him at all.

Second picture I wanted to show was one I found on my camera when I downloaded photos today. This picture is of Owen showing off his new Power Rangers scuba set that he was VERY proud of. It was too funny, and I'm not sure the photo captures the true nature of how funny looking it really was! haha

Okay other updates...things are starting to get busy with the holidays. Thanksgiving will be at our house with most of the family.
My mom, sister, and I are going to see Twilight in the theaters on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. WOhooo!
Billy has started actively shopping and gathering things for the nursery. Christmas is getting closer....yay!

On not so great news, I'm not enjoying pregnancy as much as I was last week. I generally had fairly easy pregnancies with the other boys, but this time the aches and pains are really getting to me! wahhhhh
I have a sciatic nerve pain problem going on right now, which usually is supposed to come and go but its been constant for almost a week now. OUCH. If you don't know what sciatic nerve pain is, it feels like an electrical shock suddenly shooting down your entire feels like your hip is going out of place. Even sitting here at the computer is making my hip just throb. :(
So needless to say, doing things like typical housework, grocery shopping, and all of the boys' activities is becoming really hard and painful. :( I just hope the baby shifts his/her position soon so that I can get some relief and the sciatic nerve pain goes away. I told Billy that if this is going to continue on the rest of the pregnancy then I'm going to be a very miserable and cranky person the next 10+ weeks. haha

Well that's about all the updates for now! We'll be very busy this week getting ready for our Thanksgiving company, but I will hopefully have more updates after next weekend.

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Amy said...

I hope the brown teeth fade! That's no fun. I love his costume, my boys would love it! I hear ya on the sciatic pain. I had it pretty bad with #3 and #4 it was horrible. That was one factor in our decision to have no more children. Not the only factor, but one!