Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day

I am excited and nervous at the same time for the future of our country. I pray that our new president will be everything we need him to be and that he's promised to be.
On one hand I'm excited for new changes and the hope of change in our country, and I'm hopeful that our new president will be able to achieve this.
Yet I'm nervous that he won't be able to, that he won't live up to the expectations and that nothing will be fixed at all.

It was amazing watching the election news with my children last night. I told them that they were watching history. They will tell their children and grandchildren some day about the night that they watched the first African American man be voted into presidency. Of course the younger boys were just like, "yeah whatever....can I have some candy?" haha But Alex being older and wiser was very enthralled by it all. I kept catching him on my computer reading the front page news stories about Obama and the election. I think he refreshed my screen of the live results more then I did! We were at his cub scout pack meeting at the time the news of the winner was announced, but as soon as we got back home - he ran to the computer to see the updates.
Later when I tucked him in, he had his TV on the NBC election coverage. This was all very interesting, monumental and he knew it.

While my beliefs may not totally match up with some of Obama's stances that he has taken politically (such as abortion in general), I still believe...have hope that he'll be a great president.
I will continue to hope and pray that he will be everything this country needs.

In closing, I want to post a quote from a friend (Laura!) I know from the internet that I feel kind of wraps up what I was trying to get across, or say in my blog post today:
"My joy does not come from having a President elect who reflects my ideals and my vision for a future, but rather from having a President elect who has through sheer content of character and conviction been able to unite a country and a world. From all walks of life, black & white, young & old, poor & rich, Americans in astounding numbers were inspired to vote who have never voted, were inspired to hope who had given up hope, were inspired by change in a world in crisis.
In 45 years we have come from "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character," to a man who was elected in resounding numbers as President of the United States.

I do not know how effective Barack Obama will be in these troubled times in the areas of health care, global unrest, ecological crisis, economic uncertainty, those are questions that only the future will be able to answer.
What I DO know, is that this man has managed to bring unity to this country, to bring change to this country, to unite a world in hope for this country, through his continued commitment to dialogue, his innate ability to inspire, through his unflagging audacity of hope. He has brought that hope to a nation in astounding numbers. He has brought that hope to a world in astounding numbers. If that is the ONLY thing he accomplishes as President, he has changed our country & our world for the better."


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