Saturday, November 8, 2008

LATE Halloween Photos

Yeah yeah I know I'm late!

I've been busy though!

Halloween was fun and busy this year. Owen got to dress up three different times because he had a Halloween trick-or-treat party at his preschool, then we had the church Halloween party, and then actual Halloween.

Owen in his costume waiting for his preschool bus:

The church Halloween party was fun. It was a soup potluck, so I got to try lots of different yummy soups. I even talked Brayden into eating a cheesy broccoli soup. I didn't tell him it was broccoli, I just told him it was cheese soup with seasonings. haha He LOVED it though and had two helpings!
There was lots of great costumes at the church Halloween party too, even the adults got in on it! Billy and I didn't think that far ahead and were not dressed up. Maybe next year though!

Then for Halloween this year we decided to go to Grandma Beki's house (Billy's mom). It was fun! There was a couple small "haunted houses" to walk through in town, which of course Alex would have NO part of but Brayden loved every minute of it and didn't actually get scared until the last haunted house and there was a very real, very creepy looking dead body in a casket that he had to walk by. He finally admitted later that he was maybe a "little bit scared".

The boys and baby Billy trick-or-treating:
Brayden's costume during trick-or-treating:
Baby Billy's costume! Too cute:
Another of baby Billy's costume - a big pumpkin poof ball in his stroller:
Brayden's scary vampire face - picture by Grandma:

All the boys trying to fit on Grandma Beki's lap at the same time!:

The day after Halloween we carved pumpkins with Grandma and the boys had fun raking leaves for her and earning video game time!

The boys and their pumpkins - picture by Grandma:
Owen in the leaves - picture by Grandma:

It was all great fun, and now the boys have WAY too much candy. I've made the mistake of not hiding the buckets of candy yet so I keep finding the boys getting into it first thing in the morning, or before bed. uggh At least it's mostly gone now!

So here are the photos, and some that Grandma Beki took too that I thought were too cool so I'm posting them here also.

Brayden on the farm - picture by Grandma:

All of the boys, well minus the baby who was napping! - picture by Grandma:


FarrFamilyCircus said...

What great pics....I love the one of Braden with the red eyes...who knew that sometimes that effect would end up neat?! LOL

Jen Welch said...

These are such great farm pic's. Did Beki know that you were coming or did you surprise her? What a fun idea, I bet she loved it, she is such a great Grandma!! It was fun to see you at the shower, I'm glad you came. Now that you know where we live it would be great to have your family over for dinner. Hope you're having a nice day, the sun's finally out!