Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Falling Behind...

Where did time go?

Anyway, I have some soccer pictures of Brayden finally that I thought I had already put on the page, apparently not though!

He loves soccer and is doing really good. He usually gets a goal per game, lately TWO goals a game!
However he's really sick right now so he's missed a practice and his last game. :( He only has two games left for the season!

Alex is loving soccer too and doing good. He made his first ever in-game goal also! YAY!

We'll be doing soccer again for Brayden and Alex this spring. I'm not sure about Owen yet, not sure I can handle THREE in soccer!

Let's see any other new news....
Well Billy has started classes so we're back to crazy hectic evenings Mon-Thursdays although his schedule is a lot better this year.

Owen also started Preschool (his 2nd year in preschool) but I forgot to put up his back to school picture! So here it is....I'm halfway through my pregnancy now, yay! The tests and ultrasounds are all coming back totally normal! So it looks like a healthy baby.....surprise. haha On Christmas I'll do a post on the big gender surprise reveal!Also we're another step closer to getting our horrible carpet all torn out and new wood laminate flooring put in. We have the flooring picked out, the money for it, just have to pay for it and order it....and then install it. *sigh*

BUT I'll be posting before and after pix as we go through the process. We're doing almost the entire main floor with the laminate flooring...the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. We're not doing the kitchen or laundry room/bathrooms. We'll just leave the linoleum in tact, it's in good shape. And then later we'll look into tile for those areas with most likely heavy water spillage. ;)

And finally, my birthday is coming up, October 6th. *sigh* 27 seems SO old to me! WHERE does time go?!

That's about it! I hope next I post is with pictures of our new floor!


TMC said...

Cute pics of your boys! You are looking amazing Mama! Hope you are feeling well!

FarrFamilyCircus said...

Hey! So I'm new at blogging and I don't know how to comment back to you, but if you go to my site, there is a box in the upper left hand corner and if you click it, you'll be taken to the site that has those cool backgrounds =)

Kimberly said...

Beth you look great! Glad all the u/s and tests are coming back normal. Can't wait for your Big Reveal!

Look forward to seeing your blogs on the home improvement. It's an exhausting but worthwhile process. DH and I put in tiles in our bathrooms last year and while it was very labor-intensive it was well worth it b/c it looks great! Have fun and take it easy!