Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Season

(I downloaded a new feature on my photo editing program that allows me to make cool adjustments to photos. So that's what you see in this soccer photo - I did a "dramatic" adjustment to make it look more cool. haha)

Soccer season has started and we've had our first day of games for Brayden and Alex. They both did great! Brayden did AWESOME for his first year in soccer. He was really getting in there and playing, passing, trying to make goals. Unfortunately, I took several pictures at his game before realizing that I left my memory card at HOME! aaack. Oh well, there is always the next game. shoot!
But we had time to run home before Alex's game, so I grabbed my memory card and got a few good photos.
Alex did great also, he mostly played a center field defender (?) and did AWESOME at it. (his job was to stand near the half field mark and if the other team happened to get the ball and started coming towards him - he was to get the ball away from them and back to his team). About 90% of the game was played on our side of the field, so the field defenders were doing their job! We won 9 to 4. (Brayden's team also won...of course they dont keep score with the little guys, but the parents on the sidelines were!)

Here are the other pictures I took (didn't use my new feature with these photos)


Mike and Joy said...

I like that dramatic thing you did! Great pic! I still haven't gotten around to downloading that photoshop thing...maybe I will tonight after the kids go to bed...I'm afraid it will probably be over my head though...we'll see! =)

jesse said...

Alex looks pretty intense in that first picture! Sounds like everything is going well for your whole family :) Have fun and I'm sure I'll talk to you soon!

Amy said...

Fun, fun, fun!!

Jesse said...

Guess what!? I found out yesterday that my great great aunt married a Byington! That makes us officially family in my book :)