Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Sick....

I don't have any trophy/pizza party pictures up yet because well Alex ended up getting sick after all and had to miss his last soccer game and trophy party.
I felt horrible about it, but he crashed on his bed after school that day so I didn't feel right about waking him up to go play in a soccer game AND he had a fever. I couldn't take him to the soccer game or the pizza party around all those other kids when he had a fever...besides the fact that he was miserable and not feeling well at all.

So we do have Alex's trophy (thanks Sarah!) but I haven't gotten pictures yet of Alex and Brayden posing with their trophies and medals. I will when Alex is feeling better.

Today is his day two of missing school, and if this is anything like his brothers' cold/flu then he has another 2-3 days to go. Uggh!

That also means he's missing his first day of German language club today! Shoot!

On another note, we're getting back Brayden's soccer pictures this evening so I should have those scanned and posted tonight or tomorrow here on the blog! He's getting his school pictures today as well (another thing Alex is missing) however since a friend of ours (thanks Joy!) is taking our family pictures this weekend hopefully, we'll have some family pictures (finally!) and more to share with everyone soon.

Think get well thoughts for us!!


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FarrFamilyCircus said...

This sick season is horrible...Danissa has already missed 6 days of school this year...which is more than last year combined!