Monday, October 6, 2008

The "B" Family Extreme Home Makeover - Phase One

Well we've started! Yay!
It seems like we've been talking about these changes for years now and it was never going to get done.

However we finally found our flooring and Billy started laying the new wood laminate flooring this last weekend. It takes a lot more work then we thought!
Over the weekend he got almost all of the living room done...just about 3' left.

We still have the dining room and two bedrooms to do (the master bedroom which is the three oldest boys' bedroom, and the "guest" bedroom/office).

Here are the before and after pictures...and I apologize for my before pictures! I didn't take any before we tore up the carpet, so I had to piece together some old photos I had on hand that showed the living carpet the way it was. If you can't tell from the pictures, it was supposed to be a white carpet, but it's at least 25 years old and has been through several families. So it was more like a gray-white with black spots/stains here and there. aaaack I'm SOOOOOO glad to be rid of it!

I'll post the other rooms as we finish them.Phase two will be painting those horrid fake wood paneling walls you see in the background. We chose to do our flooring before painting the walls because the floor was priority as far as how badly it was needed. I couldn't live another year on those carpets! Uggh
So Phase two will probably be next summer's project. :)



Misty said...

Beth, they look awesome!! yay!!

FarrFamilyCircus said...

Looking good!!! That must be so exciting! I would love to do that someday, but I'd want to redo what's already done in our kitchen/dining room so they match seemlessly. May I ask how expensive this was?

Bethany said...

(I don't know how to reply to comments! lol)

But to answer Joy - Thanks! :)
Well we did lots of research, and found places online cheaper however we worried about ordering through the internet and getting a cheap product. We were told that you get what you pay for! (if it's cheap then it's probably a cheap product too)
So we spent a little more and went through a local company here in town called the Floor Factory (or Flooring America). The sales guy was great and even cut us a deal. For 1040 sq feet it was just under $2,000. That was our cut-off, we didn't want to spend over $2,000.
It was $1.75 sq/ft which is about the mid/average range. However Home Depot or Lowes has it cheaper right now for $0.99 sq/foot. You just have to shop around.

FarrFamilyCircus said...

My biggest fight with it is the stairs...I don't want fully wood stairs, so I think it'd be alot of work to put carpet down the middle or father in law did wood stairs and then set little oval rugs on each step and they slip around pretty bad....

Kimberly said...

House looks AWESOME!! I showed them to DH but I still don't think he's sold... *sigh* and we have the exact same carpet you had... yuck.