Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surprise Ultrasound

My OB office usually only does an ultrasound at the 8 week appointment and 20 week appointment, however at my last appointment - 11.5 weeks - we were supposed to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time on a special machine called a "doppler" that picks up early heartbeat tones from babies, usually the earliest is around 10 weeks?
However, my Dr. couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and so to ease my mind, and hers too - she did a quick ultrasound.

I was very nervous and praying for strength in case it was bad news, I had never had trouble with hearing my other babies' heartbeats at this point in pregnancy before.

Thankfully though the ultrasound showed a healthy, and very active baby - thus why she couldn't pick up a heartbeat. He/she was moving all over like crazy! My Dr. said that was a good sign of a healthy baby. yay!

I even got to see fingers and toes as you can see on the labels...for size comparison, the baby is only about 2" in length (curled up..."crown to rump") right now.

Technology is amazing!


CC said...

Congrats on getting a surprise u/s!! I'm thrilled to hear that your little bean is moving around and healthy.

(((hugs))) and belly rubs!

Carol (jan.feb.boys)

Amy said...

I'm so glad you got to see a pic of your little bean. I remember with #3, I think? it took a little longer to hear the heartbeat than it did with the older 2. I sure didn't like the uncertainty of that!

Kim from iVillage (kimmygintx/angelic_devil_me) said...

Hey Beth! It's been a while but I just thought I'd cruise on by and look at all your updates.. wow! Glad to hear the family is well and baby bean is ok.