Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brayden's Kindergarten Graduation

I forgot to post about Brayden's kindergarten graduation (or rather a "moving on celebration" as they called it in his class). Alex (who had the same kindergarten teacher as Brayden did) never had a moving on celebration or graduation, so this was fun!

Instead of a certificate or "diploma" the kids all did a questionnaire about themselves that was really cute, a good keepsake, and the teacher read each child's questionnaire one at a time. They sang some songs and then afterwards we had cookies and punch. :)

Brayden's questionnaire follows: (the words in bold italics are his answers)

My name is Brayden. I am 6 years old.

My favorite things about kindergarten are:
learning, doing stuff, homework

My favorite color is red.

My favorite shape is hexagon.

At home I like to play outside with my brothers.

My favorite food is spaghetti.

In 20 years I will be building houses.

Will I be married? - Yes

Will I have children - Yes
Boys or girls? - A girl and a boy

Will I have a pet? - Yes
What kind?
- A monkey

Where will I live? - In East Wenatchee

I can't believe that Brayden will be in first grade this fall!!

Enjoy the pix...


Brayden's little questionnaire being read, he was standing up. Looking rather embarrassed!

The teacher had just handed Brayden his questionnaire back, he grabbed it too quick before I could snap the picture of the "hand off"!

Brayden's friend. I asked him to point out his best friend so that I could take a pic of them. I forget his name though...maybe Isaiah or Isaac? Those are the two he talked about most during the year.

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