Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunny Day...Sweeping the Clouds Away...

What's more fun then getting wet on a hot day?

I went out and bought the boys this little kiddie wading pool. It was enough for them to splash around and cool off in. Even baby Billy got in on the action, however he was enjoying the sun in his birthday suit so I decided not to share those pictures here...haha.

Baby Billy enjoying a nice refreshing watermelon. yummmm!
Alex at Cub Scout camp! He was actually at Hoopfest in Spokane with his dad when we bought the wading pool, but the following weekend (?) he had Cub Scout camp. The last day was for parents to come and watch the boys do games, competitions, etc. however I got there late so all I got pictures of was his den's skit they did. So I included the picture in with these summer photos. I believe their skit was something about a pirate ship that they were all rowing - until it ran out of quarters? I still don't get it.... haha

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