Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fourth of July Camping

(Can you tell that I'm trying to get caught up on all of my photos this past few weeks? So don't forget to scroll down for any other new posts you might have missed!)

For the 4th of July this year we decided to go camping up near where my parents have a little piece of property. It was nice, but HOT. I'm not used to going camping when it's HOT! Usually it's too cold. Billy had taken his vacation this week as well so we left on Wednesday and camped until Saturday.

We took Lady with us for the first time as well, and she enjoyed it I think although she had to be on the chain the whole time. The night I took the boys into town to look at the little town's fireworks (they don't have a show, but just everyone sets their own fireworks off over the lake so you can watch everyone else's fireworks at the same time) - when we came back Billy said that there had been coyotes and "tough" Lady jumped in his lap and was shivering! She was scared of those coyotes. haha

On day two of our camping trip, there was a horrible downpour. I got a picture of everyone sitting under the canopy my mom had bought at a yardsale for $0.50 the year before and we never had used it. Thankfully Billy had the insight to put it up! Lady biting and jumping at the rain drops!
One funny story to share...the boys brought their bikes and one particular day my dad and I were watching Brayden ride his bike through the brush and trees and I was telling Brayden to slow down and not ride in that area, only on the "road" in front of our campsite...right at that same time Brayden was getting awfully close to the edge of this little "cliff" and I yelled at him to stop but suddenly you couldn't see him anymore. We went running over to check on him, and he had ridden his bike all the way down this steep embankment to the very bottom, thick with brush and plants. He was okay, not even a scrape but a little shaken up I think! My little Evil Knievel. Uggh! It was funny later when we were all telling the story.

The boys enjoyed playing in the creek near our campsite, and Lady enjoyed the water just as much I think!

We went on a "nature" hike and took some pretty pictures of the flowers (and I managed to capture one butterfly) all around us.

The end! Owen was so worn out he fell asleep at the campfire.


TMC said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Amy said...

Love the pic of the spiky yellow flower. I've never seen that before. I also love the first pic of your son on the rock in the river.